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OK So this is my very first beauty review ... I think, unless I've completely forgotten one over these past 4 years of blogging! As a classic old fashioned blogger this is all my complete honest opinion on every product I'm reviewing none of this #ad #spon malarky because frankly I just don't get it, online diaries are supposed to be about sharing your own honest opinion on things... ANYWAY, I have been introduced to this brand 'Arbonne' a fair few times and have been asked to review some of the products I was given. Now that I'm pretty much as settled as I can get in our new house I decided to dig these out and give them a go. I just want to say in no way, shape or form do I class myself as a 'beauty expert' I'm just analysing a cosmetic company just like any woman would reading this right now. This is just my opinion on what I truly think of these products. 

Light cc cream 
When it comes to foundation/tinted moisturiser i'm not that overly fussy as long as it's a really close shade to my skin and does a good coverage and all in all does the job! But this is pretty damn good. No offence Arbonne but I was fairly surprised!! So impressed that I'm extremely tempted to place an order just for this stuff alone! The consistency is a thin moussey/silky feel and I would say lasts up to a good 8-10 hours. Little goes a long way too.

Opal eye shadow 
Eye shadow or highlighter? I would without a doubt definitely use for both! If you have the Topshop Glow Highlighter it's pretty much the same. 

Surprisingly SO good, I rely on this plastic brush type so much as the bristle mascara heads do nothing for me, plus I kinda think that's a thing of the past now.. very old fashioned. I also think with that type of head it gives you more defined lashes and separates them really well giving the illusion of extra length 👍🏼

RE9 Advanced - For Him & Her
We all love a beauty regime and we all pretty much need one depending on what we do with our day to day life antics. I've never forgotten one of my friends Mums saying to me when I was younger "One is never too young to start anti ageing cream!".  For me this is quite a lot to keep up with following the different stages and steps for a complete set face for the day. I would probably get on better with the amount that the men get lol! But that's just down to my personal preference, if you're someone that likes to spend a lot of time on their morning and evening routine then I'm sure you'll get on with this just fine. Essence of oranges and leaving you with that refreshed glow that you crave when you're due a real good facial! The stages and steps are pretty worth it, even if it is fairly long winded. I still need to tackle down the other half to test the mens one out as this sounds as though it will do the world of good for his skin knowing what his pores have to put up with every day working in the trade and living in the gym!

Chocolate Protein Bar 
Like a typical protein bar, very dry (probably a bit too dry for my liking) and tasting 100% protein-y; although found myself wanting to eat more and more of it? Very bizarre.  Helps having a bunch of non blended nuts in so kind of enjoyable to eat with that included. 

Phytosport - Complete Hydration
If you take vitamins in a glass of water like I do (rather than tablets) then this may work really well for you as the berry taste is quite flavour full, especially if you have it in a small glass of water you're going to get more out of the taste. The bigger the glass the weaker the taste. Perfect for if you like a sweaty gym sesh and need complete hydration. 

Protein Shake - Vanilla & Chocolate
Every morning I have a fresh fruit smoothie with my raspberry protein powder (bulk powders) to pack my protein in and to prevent me from snacking giving me the nutrients I need for the day. The vanilla I have tried with my normal shake (replacing the raspberry powder I would usually have) is very tasty just much sweeter thanks to the vanilla! So if you need an extra boost of sweetness I would recommend the vanilla! Chocolate I have no yet tried, but I most probably would toss it in with a banana and a handful of blueberries and a spoonful of fat free yoghurt. The powder also includes vegan protein powder so is fit to suit all you vegan lovers out there!

Overall I would happily recommend Arbonne. It's so difficult to give certain companies the time of day when you hear SO much about it and it kind of being in your face 24/7, especially on Facebook! It can be quite off putting with all these reps and ads etc etc but when you actually try it, it's not actually that bad. Like Avon and Virgin V like all our Mums used to try, yet seems even better with all it has to offer. It just goes to show that you should never just assume but always give it a go!

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