Converse, flowers & a cuppa by the sea.

I have so much love for taking pictures and I take it quite seriously when it comes to taking a proper picture, (which is sort of surprising as I don't tend to take anything seriously... It's all about having a laugh!) I can't just click at any old object and think yeah that'll do, I take hundreds of the same thing until I am satisfied. Stating the obvious I love to edit my images so they look slightly different to their original one, otherwise your image is going to look pretty much the same as any other fancy photographers. Having a pretty random day last week so I decided to play around with my amazing camera and make the most of it!

Every now and again my boyfriend likes to surprise me with a gorgeous bouquet of beautys because he's just purely the fucking best! And I always like to capture the moment properly, so I have many pictures of random flowers all over my computer! These are just the recent ones XD.

The sun decided to show it's face a few days ago and it was sooo lovely and warm and extremley overdue! So mum & I decided to sit down on the sea front for a cuppa, and guess what... The bloody clouds creeped over and it rained! Typical us! As soon as we get up to go the sun just burst out of the clouds! Was not our day lol!

But whatever the weather the sea is always amazing to look at.

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