Be Dazzle yourselves this summer!

 Be Dazzled 

How amaaaaazing does all of this look! I found this gorgeous company on Facebook & I just HAD to have a little nose!!
These creative young girls are based in London UK & It's their job to transform the most plainest and simplest of things in to the most glamorous, to-die-for things you will ever lay your eyes on. Whatever you need sparkling up, these girlies are exactly what you are looking for! Offering goods at such good reasonable prices & constantly introducing new things they can get their mitts on, to crystalize all for you to fall in love with... you really can't go wrong! :)
A great way to treat yourself or maybe even others if you have an exciting birthday creeping up! From baby essentials to bikini essentials they can glam up just about any bland thing you've got laying around!
I personally love the idea of being able to spice up your own kicks that'll look so different & unique, as I am all for having things that no one else has, these girls are great at that, they design you a complete different pattern to crystalize your booties to make them your own so noo one else has the same as you, I LOVE that! :D
Be sure to check up on their Facebook page right here so you can update yourself on their latest competitions and prizes to grab yourselves one of these beauts!!
Enjoy :) x

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