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I feel like I should pretty much work for T K Maxx as I'm constantly blogging about their garments lol! I am genuinley head to toe in TKM! ... Apart from the bag and bracelet, that right there is some expensive shiz...

So apologies again for not only a long wait till another blog post but my facial expressions too as this is another post I did on holiday but have not had a spare few mins to pop it up on here so my bad for the weird faces.

I don't know what it is but I am absolutely obsessed with pin stripes. I've always had a masssive L-O-V-E for stripes itself but I reckon it's because pinstripes come across as much more formal and elegant. 

Nothing is better than a big floaty shirt in Summertime when the weather is so humid and sticky the last thing you want to put on is something tight. I think I bought this shirt in a size Large to get the full long floaty effect - not too long though, you need to show those bronzed pins off! That's the key for a baggy evening shirt, don't go OTT on the size as you don't want it to drown the living day lights out of yourself. Showing off some leg with beautiful heels and opening the chest up to reveal some collar bone is perfect. 

I would recommend a teeny tiny evening bag for this sort of look as I think the oversized shirt look is a statement itself and if you interrupt it with a big bag it's going to make the look a little dull and pretty pointless. 

Shop a similar style below.

Shirt / T K Maxx
Shoes / Guess
Bracelet / Swarovski
Bag / Louis Vuitton
Hair Extensions / Dirty Looks

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