Khaki X White

As most of you are probably aware my love for khaki and streetwear is out of control and just goes hand in hand perfectly. I cannot get enough. 

This week I wanted to experiment with my street style a little further by incorporating  summer style. 

Everyone adores ribbed material, mostly for it's comfortable fit which was why this dress  caught my eye; besides the colour and length. However I've never actually worn it (seeing as it's a tad too revealing with the skin tight fit and splits up the side) - with this in mind I knew the only way I was going to wear it was to go to town on the Tom Boy look! With a bit of help from Adidas and Missguided I felt very happy with the outcome!

Perfect for this warm, sticky typical British Summer that never knows what it's doing!

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  1. Wow, love that dress, especially with that bomber! xo, Sophia from


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