Orange is the new black

I got new shoeeees! Before those of you who know me say "you should be saving!!!"... Mama got me these! So ha! Like I'm gonna say no to a pair of wedges anyway, camaan! The more wedges the better this Summer, it's kind of vital.

Anywaaay, as summer is well and truly here I just had to whack out the vibrant burnt orange colour, I cannot get enough of this colour! So loveable! I got my hair chopped and coloured amazingly today by one of my dear friends who looked after me so well in this beaut of a salon in the pantiles. My hair needed a bit of TLC as it was dry, dead and the colour was just alll over the place, so Faye came to the rescue and put me straight! Yay for Faye!!

I got these aztec shorts from Zara in the January sales and thought - ohh these would most definitely come to great use in a few months time... and they have! 

Sorry if the pictures look a bit grainy I took them on the wrong setting! Such a dopey cow it's ridiculous!

Enjoy! x

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