Summer Bargains

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To be able to save up and buy the good things in life, kind of isn't the case for me right now as I'm just about to move in to my first flat so shopping just isn't an option! But when you're a girl and your obsessed with fashion, there's always a way around it... eBay and sales! I haven't done too badly to be honest, I have learnt to tame my shopping 'problem' and I am buying things that are needed for the flat at the same time so it's all good! I shouldn't even be looking but I look at my wardrobe and say to myself "what the hell did I even wear last year?!" I don't even like any of it anymore! (convenient at this time I know) my life would be a whole lot easier if I despised clothes and all I wanted was the latest FIFA game and a world cup t-shirt. Yeahhh, not gonna happen. 

In this day and age we are possessed by the social media, it's shameful but we all do it! This means lots and lots of inspiration gets flooded in to our systems and for me as I follow a lot of fashion icons, bloggers and designers my taste in fashion is all over the place, pretty much all the time so this results in me looking for the cheapest option - eBay. I should just put it to one side and think you know what I'll get it another time when I can afford it. Nope. Can't do that. It's so annoying because who wants cheap sh*t that's going to fall apart in a couple of weeks? ME because I'm desperate! But if it's for only a short amount of time in my life, why not? :) The good things in life are yet to come people! 

I haven't really been one to wear hats but I saw this one and thought, it's different. I like it! So I bought this one on eBay for £2.94 - with Free Shipping! Bar-gain.

This fluorescent swimsuit isn't technically a bargain but let's just say it's cheaper than a triangl bikini! I love the bright abstract colours in this and the Victoria's Secret 'V' detail for a cheeky peek of the cleavage (not that I have one of those) I think it cost me around £16? So still quite good. It's from good ol' Sainsbury's, they don't do too badly sometimes in there ya know. Who's to know your wearing supermarket fashion anyways?! (unless the labels hanging out) embrace TU! 

Arghh this is my FAVE bargain, as the other half and I are doing festivals this year I really needed a bum bag/fanny pack what ever their latest name is now. I hate having to worry about my bag swinging around at festivals because of pick pockets, so having this strapped to my navel was a genius idea and meant I didn't have to worry! I saw this one and thought yup, you're mine! It's like a waterproof material so it's very easy to clean. I wore it to Holi One Colours Festival in Brighton at the weekend and the coloured powder went everywhere, it just wiped straight off. Brill. I am a massive fan of leopard print and can only wear it in small doses as I'm blonde and I refuse to look like a hooker. I think it can depend on the type of leopard print too because sometimes people design your typical leopard print that can come across as tacky and other times it can look really unique and lovely. Oh yeah and I got this on eBay for £4.99.

These two bikini bottoms are also one of the best bargains. As I am an all time dedicated lover of All Saints, (they have the biggest sale on ever right now that I refuse to look at!) I accidentally fell in to TK Maxx one day and made a bee-line to the swimwear range, saw these and thought oh my gadd they look like something from All Saints! As TK Maxx is all for it's 'Big Labels Small Prices' moto the bikinis I picked up were indeed All Saints. £3.99 each for these babies what a bargain! Now all I need to do is hunt the tops down on eBay lol! No, what I'm most likely to do is pick a colour from the designs and match them with a plain coloured bikini top so maybe one khaki and one brown? Even though TK Maxx is one big place you can get lost in and it seems like a lot of effort, it is so worth the aching arms and tired feet because the bargains you pull out of that place is amazing! 

It is Summer after all - the pressure is on to look good!

Cream Hat - eBay
Abstract Swimsuit - Sainsbury's
Leopard Bum Bag - eBay
Both Bikini Bottoms - All Saints - TK Maxx

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