Christmas Jumper Partaay!

I can’t say I’ve ever been to a Christmas jumper party before but now I have! I don’t actually own a reindeer or snowflake jumper which is awful to admit I know but I had this Abercrombie and Fitch knit in mind that I’ve had for soo long that actually went perfectly! Plus it was a bit of a win win situation as the moose logo looked a little like a reindeer so I most certainly participated with the theme of the party!!
It was a house party so I thought I will definitely get a bit hot and whenever we go to our friends for a house party going out to town after is never an option it’s ALWAYS the case so a cardi in a club is 100% a no go. So I had a back up plan and wore my glittery thin top that fits in so well with the theme as it’s kinda festive with the sparkles, I know such a genius! My white high waisted beauties complimented the outfit amazingly! White makes everyone feel good.
To finish the look off we have the shoes. I chose my pointed black ankle booties to create a sophisticated winter look so I don’t look like your typical girly girl!
Obviously I treated myself to a few snowballs to get in the Christmas spirit/
Happy Christmas everyone! X

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