Making the most of living on the coast.


I didn’t actually mean for that to rhyme… I wouldn’t want you all to think I’m some sort of smart person hahahaha! That would be funny.
As I’m moving from my house that I’ve lived in since I was diddy I’m trying to appreciate living by the sea, so I decided to take my lovely mum out for lunch to eat on the beach so I thought this would be the perfect time to do an outfit post!!
It was originally so hot and sunny yesterday I decided to show a bit of English rose skin but of course, as soon as i set my foot outside the door it goes grey, dark and miserable, so my bad guys! That’s why I’ve decided to run a black and white filter through these pics as there’s absolutely no point in showing the real colour as it is miserable as shit! Plus my main colour scheme was black and white so you know, it made a lot of sense!
Hope you all have a great Easter and stuff your faces with as much chocolate as possible! … We all know it’s worth it ;)

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