♫ Florence & The Machine = PHENOMENAL!! ♫

Every time i watch a film I always get so drawn to the soundtrack if I hear a song for just a nano second I whacked my phone out and put on my shazam app (such a handy app to have on your phone btw)and it reads the song in seconds!k After watching The Great Gatsby trailer I couldn't help but hear a tiny bit of Florence & The Machine towards the end of it so I had to go on youtube to check it out I freakin loveee her voice!!! She has crazy talent that woman. I think the soundtrack in any film is so so effective and does a great amount of justice for specific scenes, I'm definitely going to have to see this film as I've heard its meant to be amazing too! I went on IMDB to find out other songs that are in The Great Gatsby which will tell you mostly everything about the film or if you're watching a film and you're sitting there for ages saying to yourself oh my god what was he in!! Go on IMDB tap in their name on the search bar and It'll tell you :) I'm such a film geek!!
Make sure you listen to this with your headphones on and really loud, it'll be much more worth your while ;) ♫♫

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