My Absence from Blogging + Social Media

I've always been a very honest and out spoken person so I've been wanting to express myself about this particular subject for a while as I feel I need to justify why I've been fairly quiet on the blog front...

Since I've been blogging I've always been fading in and out, purely for normal life reasons.. that being having a full time job, spending time with family and friends, house duties, weekends and holidays away, buying a house and SO much more.

I have days where a whole load of ideas and inspiration rushes to my head with what to do next with my blog, exploding with excitement and intuition/anticipation but the truth is most the time I'm so busy keeping up with my day to day life antics and priorities I mainly forget to fire up my blogger brain OR I literally just do not have the thrive or motivation and that feeling is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world. It's always one or the other! When you so want to thrive to succeed with a passion you've built up yourself over the past 4 years it can be so difficult to maintain that these days. I used to give myself this silly excuse as to why I shouldn't resume my blogger career with in mind that everyone is blogging now so it takes the enjoyment and differentiation out of it for me which used to be what I liked about it most, because it was something so different to what every one else was doing. When I left school pretty much everyone had something they wanted to get their mits stuck in to at college media studies, art, design, science, literature, acting etc etc... and I had no clue what I wanted to do - so discovering online diaries and knowing I can use my love for photography and writing in my own time was perfect.

Sometimes I feel social media just eats us alive; that we forget that it's not the most important thing in the world. Taking control and using it in sensible measurements I think is the healthiest option when using social media, don't let it take over otherwise life will go a lot quicker than it is already and you will miss out on so much that is happening around you.

I guess the lesson in this particular situation is to set more of a positive mind set and to always better myself to get that little bit further to where I really want to be. I can quite easily say I do not push myself hard enough and the only person I can rely on to be successful is me and myself only. Taking every opportunity along the way. Most of all enjoying it at and treating it like my hobby without any pressure just how I started from the beginning.

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