Leave Nothing To The Imagination

 I'm not your average girly girl, but when your dressing up the sporty luxe fashion sometimes you just need to throw in a pair of heels to class it up a bit! I know I speak for most of us when I say I'd be way more comfy in a pair of nikes but lets not beat around the bush - they don't look half as good as a pair of killer heels! Pain is beaut-ay ladies! 

I absolutely lurrrv this look. Orginally I was going to pair this mesh tee with a little calvin triangle number but I thought no Cluni save your pennies and grab something you already have that can be just as stylish and effective, so my sports bra just happen to spring to mind.

I'm sure this look would look just as good with a pair of nikes but we all want longer legs than what we already have don't we? Exactly. They will never be long enough. 

Currently obsessing over thin layering at the moment whether it's mesh, crochet or anything that's pretty much transparent... playing around with layering is the best because you can just do so much with it for a lovely effect that goes a long way. Plus it is practically Summer now so it's sort of sensible. 

This look can easily be done in the black version if you're not the biggest fan of white. 

You can shop a similar style here below:

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Grey Spells

With Summer coming in with a bang I thought i'd put a little outfit together before all the skirts, shorts and dresses come out!

Very casual, I know! But who can resist a pair of ripped jeans and a thin floaty shirt to get this new season up and running?! This shirt is one of those versatile pieces that you need in the wardrobe, as it can be worn with endless looks - either as evening wear or casual wear. 

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