Nude + Black OOTW

I should probably start calling these posts 'looks of the week' as I literally have only enough time for one post a week!

I have to say, this is probably my favourite look I've ever blogged about. Nude tones plus lace up heels and touch of designer is just me all over! I absolutely love the new lace up trend and my collection is currently growing with these new cream suede babies! 

I'm not gonna lie and pretend that this jumpsuit is from a high street store because it isn't ... I'd like to introduce a garment from the one country you can get these items of  clothing pennies. Oh yes you guessed it - China. Ali Express to say the least, although it takes a bloody life time to arrive you kind of expect it when you pay so little so I won't grumble! I get the fact that you pay buckets to get perfectly made pieces from pure quality fabrics that last you forever and believe me if I had the money to get the best things in life these chinese wonders would not be an option. I am a peasent and this is all I can afford to get the look and keep you guys updated! 

What's In My Bag?

Well you could say that I have the main essentials for a typical girls bag perfume, lipstick andddd chocolate. I pretty much have something sweet in my bag most of the time. On the odd occasion it'll be an apple but lets not get too boring. Besides who doesn't love an old Caramel bar!!

It does look like I'm carrying around an empty bottle of Michael Kors perfume but I promise there's a little smidge left! I'm not that sad. 

Can I just say though if you're struggling on what to use to fill in your brows then I would 100% recommend this Dior brow styler not only is it perfect for mine but it has lasted me about 2 years, a little goes a long way.

I think most girls handbags have a little more than what I've got, including an over spilling make up bag which I cannot be bothered to carry around with me so I just have the basics! 

This card is for my Dad's birthday and it just happened to be in my bag at the time. I got it from a little shop in St Leonards called Shop @Norman Road, it's one of my favourite shops for little things like this, their taste in cards is the best! If you follow me on Instagram you'll see why!

And of course my iPhone, headphones, bankcard and gym card is always in my bag!

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