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Being British means simply accepting the chilly weather for what it is by embracing it with style and  cosy-ness.

If we love snuggling up in a crisp fresh cotton bed then we can't resist a chunky, comfy warm knit when the temperature starts dropping!

Autumn is my FAVOURITE season of the year. Summer is really lovely but nothing beats layering it up with your best bits in the wardrobe and making the most of them! It's a good season because it's not too hot and it's not too cold; meaning you don't need to completely cover everything up and you can wear things looser showing just a little bit of skin without desperately reaching for your coat like we all do.

On my latest post I've partnered with Femme Luxe to show you my top 5 favourite pieces from their new knitwear collection and how I have styled them.

Stocking up on knitwear is absolutely essential for this place that we call home. A mixture of chunky knits and skinny knits is mandatory - using both of these either small and cropped or big and oversized, dressed up or dressed down. I like to use the thicker knits for more casual wear that creates stylish comfort and the thinner knit for a dressed up, smarter look to reveal our classiest assets of our bodies such as shoulder edges, collar bones and waistlines.  One of the nicest points about this collection is the way that the designs are made to flatter our body shapes. For us women, expressing fashion is a thought we think long and hard about on a daily basis, and so the design, cut, style and even the feel of clothing is incredibly important because of how it's going to make us feel for the day or evening and also what shape it is giving us as an over all outfit.. top to bottom.

My colour pallet is very simple and straight forward .. easy. We're talking a range of blacks, greys, creams, beiges, dark greens etc. However. I do love a pop of something different and it's usually along the lines of red, orange or mustards. The red I chose from Femme Luxe is perfect for me as it's in a small dose being cropped and off the shoulder, also very easy to team with a whole range of outfits as are all of the other pieces I've styled. The perfect thing about knitwear, is teaming it with pretty much anything in your wardrobe and it working easily every single time.

I've always been drawn to a nice wide neckline. It' got to be my favourite option. If you're not going all the way up with a roll neck/turtle neck then exposing the neckline is both sexy and classy all in one. I'm also loving the over accentuated sleeves at the moment. The grey knit I'm wearing with my black dungarees is the perfect example. It makes a great feature having big sleeves rather than your standard slim, fitted sleeve. Chunky knits can pull this off way better than other fabrics thanks to it's stiff weight. These ones thankfully have a nice wide, tight cuff too so you don't have to worry about dipping your big floppy sleeve in your hot soup leaving you livid for the rest of the day...

I always think I'm a total tomboy when I say: I much enjoy the 'relaxed' look than the 'done up' look. Don't get me wrong I do love to dress up now and again but every day wear is much more me. Making knitwear an absolute MUST in my life, being a huge staple piece to the wardrobe of mine. Comfort is absolute key for fashion but being confident is even better. We can all wear anything we want in the world but wearing it with happiness and pride makes a huge difference to how we feel in the outfits we decide on when heading out the door for the day. If you feel shit in what you wear you're going to have a shit day. We all know that. Which is where my love for knitwear comes in handy, because it always makes me feel good.

Feel good, look good.


This post was made in collaboration with Femme Luxe
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