"It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it"

Okay I'm going to apologise now for my really crappy facial expressions due to a very quick and snappy post as we were off out to dinner!

A basic white colab with lace and denim and a leather wedge. Believe it or not but this little lace number is actually a dirty bargain from eBay. It's not what you wear... it's how you wear it.

It's hard not to wear white when your tans coming along nicely in the middle of your holiday in Mallorca... 

More looks to follow from the hols!

Top / eBay
Skirt / Topshop
Wedges / All Saints
Purse / Louis Vuitton
Bracelet / Michael Kors

Take a look below to get a similar look!

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F for Flowers

I cannot stress enough how beautiful Hastings old town really is. Since living in Tunbridge Wells it's made me realise how much I didn't appreciate living in Hastings, who would've thought moving away from H-Town would make you miss it?! Well it is the old town we're talking about so it's understandable isn't it!

Anyhooooser, deepest apologies for not doing many blog posts my life is pretty hectic at the mo so I'm trying to find the time to fit these bad boy blog posts in! 

So let's talk about the look.

I'm not going to lie I was a tiny bit aprehensive of this look as it is pink. I am no way shape or form a girl who loves a pink. But when it's baby pink it's a compltely different ball game! Besides it couldn't have been a better match with my slides... I really wanted to do a look to express #mycalvins. Originally I wanted to pair my calvins with some suit trousers and heels but hey it's good to mix these things up a little!

Can I just say, this is the first time I've attempted a different hair style with my clip in extensions and I absolutely LOVE it! I never thought much of a high ponytail but once you try it on yourself it's well worth doing! I got my clips in from Dirty Looks and went for the 'Oh My Gwen Stefani' Shade in the 16-18". As my hair is fairly thick I had to go for the Bobby Glam Quad Weft which I must admit thought was going to be a lot thicker than what they were but when you style your hair and put them in properly it does blend together pretty well. I got this style from their Youtube page as they have a ton of different hair styles to try out, they help so so much! I would highly recommend it.

Top / Topshop
Jeans / Topshop
Slides / Office Shoes
Bag / Louis Vuitton
Trench Coat / T K Maxx
Sunglasses / Boutique
Calvins / Calvin Klein

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