Season to Season

There's definitely a few pieces in my wardrobe that would be an absolute no to wear in these cold shivery months of British weather. When you have a good think though about what you have, there's actually more to pick out for these cold moments than you may think...

I have collaborated with Femme Luxe to show you exactly what there is when it comes to layering up and what is actually in your wardrobe at this current time, that you can make the most of. Sometimes chunky knitwear, heavy denim and thick coats are automatically what springs to mind when we think of freezing to death as soon as we open the front door. Take a look at the items I have chose that can keep you snug as a bug whilst looking your finest.

Simply layering up a summer dress with tights (or without tights if you can bare it ..excuse the pun lol), doc martens, a casual long sleeve top and good thick leather jacket. Transfers your Summer look into a now Autumnal/Winter look.

Braving the spaghetti straps is sometimes a huge cba moment, but paired with the soft and safe touch of a cardigan or jumper and you are good to go whilst making the most of that sexy strappy-ness!

On the other hand, both of these pieces (coord set + leather joggers) can be worn through out all seasons I couldn't resist choosing them to pair with almost anything. Sometimes it's nice to mix up the coords with different tops or different bottoms and change up the black leather trousers for khaki instead.

 This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe 

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