Naughty new purchases

So here's what's new to my wardrobe, some sale bits and a few of the plain old 'treat myself' bits ;) My will power is as useful as a chocolate tea pot...

I had a little play around & put some outfits together to make my recent purchases look a bit more interesting, hope you like it!! :)

I bought this beautiful striped dress at an Outlet mall in French Connection. I have a weird obsession with striped clothing as you can probably tell! The style of the dress is like a short pencil fit which didn't help my temptation - I am an absolute sucker for pencil skirts/dresses!! Keeping it classy ;) I paired this one with simple accessories, nothing too out there as I wanted to keep my dress as the statement.

More Stripes, shocking I know! This simple cropped number I bought in Topshop when I had next to nothing money but as I said before I have a strange love for stripes and the more I looked at it whilst walking around the store the more it wanted me too! Completely not my fault to be honest... Couldn't resist putting a classic pencil skirt with this one(also from good ol' Topshop), as this top is cropped & pencil skirts just needs to sit on that waist, so I had no choice really! ;) Instead of going for just the one monochrome trend I thought I'd mix two trends together by adding a tad of the fluorescent tone  not much just a teeny weeny bit to add some excitement to this beaut of an outfit!

Going for a beachy casual kinda look now, I forgot to put up a pic of this one with the rest above, but the white knit is my recent purchase. This one also managed to jump in to my hands the same day I went to the outlet mall & grabbed the French Connection dress! I bought this gorgeous knit at Abercrombie & Fitch, the best part about buying things at A&F is bringing it home and it STILL smells of that beautiful perfume! Love that! My Karen Millen sandals are also a new buy and haven't worn them yet, so I took the chance and paired it with this new white knit, instantly!

This is my ultimate fave summer look! the nude blouse in the middle was in the sale for just £12 at Warehouse!! I was well impressed, mama bought it for me as she loved it too!:) Of course I put it with the best wedges ever! I'm having a little feeling that these shoes will be on a lot of my posts... Simple leggings, sunglasses, big chunky watch, hair all done up in a scruffy bun and my famous All Saints bag, PERFECT!

Shoes, Shirt, bag & leggings - all new purchases. This stunning floral shirt that I bought from Glamorous has the nicest colours to wear for summer and goes with pretty much anything, I adore it! I wear my silver necklace under the collar. The shoes my mum actually bought for herself but sadly didn't fit her, what a shame! So I thought arghh ok then I'll have them... The leggings are from River Island, my friend actually passed them on to me as they didn't fit her so I saved her the hassle taking them back. The gorgeous Crew Clothing beach bag was actually from TK Maxx one of the best places in the world for bloody good bargains!! This bag is also good for shopping, it has rope handles so it's not cruel to your shoulder half way through the day and I also put all my purchases in there instead of carrying bundles of bags! I'm also a bit of an eco freak by not having to deal with plastic bags that you don't need when you get home, saving the planet and all that :)

The beautiful silver necklace, a Thomas Sabo pearl charm bracelet that was a gift to me from my Best Friend and my silver quartz ring with strips of gold inside from a lovely small shop in Hastings old town called Warp & Weft.

I am so pleased with this seasons trend as I am LOVINGGG this bright lime green colour at the moment! I got this beauty at River Island for just £20!! It has those built in figure enhancements on the hips, which to be honest I don't really need as I have a thankful chunky butt! It looks amazing on and passes just below the knee for a real sophisticated look! This one will be seen a lot in my holiday pics, that's for sure! :) To Carry out that bright look I threw in my gorgeous Steve Madden wedges to complete the look!

Asos as we know is sooo good for it's basics and pretty much everything you need! I browsed through the site a few weeks ago looking at amazing things that I can't really afford and I came across this affordable little body! I thought it could be useful for many occasions. It's extra amazing because it has a very deep back which is why I wanted it so much. I love anything that exposes the back or has a back feature it makes the item of clothing so much more worth looking at and can turn a simple outfit in to something very individual. I could've dressed this body up? I could've dressed it down? I went for the typical festival look & put some cute denim shorts + the ever popular high top converses! Adding on the Michael Kors sunnys & watch finishes this amazing outfit.

Hope you liked them! :) x

Short & Sweet

When it comes to jewellery, I'm more of a rings kinda gal. I absolutely LOVE necklaces but I'm quite fussy... they have to be short & chunky!! So this is my new purchase I bought in the old town in this beautiful Moroccan shop which also has a Moroccan restaurant joint to it next door, I neeed to go in there!!
I love the amount of over used layers and tiny chain links that are in this necklace, I think it creates such a gorgeous in depth detailed effect which makes it lay so nicely on your neck. I also like the fact that it's not that sort of silver that is too bright and shiny like your typical silver you'd get, it's a couple of shades darker which makes it very unique and eye catching. Definitely one to wear for summer & evening time!

Love it! :)

My first jumble sale!!

So I am a bit of a snob when it comes to clothes I love pure quality things that have a good strong fabric and actually look as though it's taken time and effort when it was made - especially jewellery, I love, love, LOVE real silver. I have always had a thing for the retro vintage things, I've never really judged any of that apart from when I was younger and my mum used to drag me in to charity shops there is always that rotten smell and i'm pretty sure that's what put me off! But the more I've grown up the more i've begun to appreciate clothes, I never really put much thought in to it. So I went along with my mum today and it's safe to say I-am-hooked. Second hand clothes aren't a bad thing at all I know it's kind of creepy knowing someone else has had it for years but you shouldn't let that bother you it's just an item of clothing at the end of the day, it won't carry diseases so shove it in the wash and wear it with pride!! :) But when you're buying things like these for diddly squat, who cares it's from a jumble sale!

The gold chain is probably my favourite out of all purchases today. These chains are so in this season and are in high street shops for about £15-£20. This gold chain - 20p.

My favourite styled tops are ones that are off the shoulder, I like to reveal the shoulder, collar bone look ;) There's something so classy about it! So I grabbed this one while I could because that's what your supposed to do at jumble sales, snatch! This small top - 20p also.

Khaki is one of those colours i'll always be automatically drawn to! They had no size what so ever so I had to have a little rough guess and just get them! Luckily they fitted perfectly around my waist.  I have no idea if they are high waisted trousers or not, but that's the only way they fitted me! Plus I am addicted to anything high waisted :) These gorgeous trousers were only 20p.

Last of them all, the haauge canadian - irving posluns. This beautiful posh vintage coat was only 50p!! What a find!! I love checked clothing I've got a ton of checked shirts skatterd all over my chest of draws, thought i'd add this beauty to the collection! :P Not that it will fit in my chest of drawers it's soo big and heavy! I'm going to me VERY thankful for this when winter shows it's face again!

Oh yeah and Asos boots on eBay - £7.95!

So just a little post to state, jumble sales are soo worth it! As smelly and quite of an experience it is, it's actually quite fun!!

Instagram obsessed...

Thought I'd share a few of my Instagram piccys as I am soooo obsessed! I put basically my whole life on there, mostly everything I do I feel the need to take pictures all the time. When you're looking for some sort of inspiration, instagram is yo man! It honestly is the best thing to get exactly what you want to find. I look a bit nuts in these pics but that is basically what I'm like... I've just realised I have more than one picture of alcohol on here too,I do love a good ol' cocktail! My favourite out of all of those is the little chubby hamster awwwwww isn't he so cute and happy!! XP

But there's just a few of them, I have lots and lots more on my instagram trustttt me!

My instagram - Cluniburton

Help yourself to a cheeky look :)


Boots in bushes!!

These have GOT to be the definition of freakin 
My absolutely perfect boyfriend treated me to these beauts, bless him. We went up to Blue water to shop for some holiday bits yesterday - Actually I tell a lie, Olly was doing all the shopping I was just helping him spend the money XP. Not me as I have noo money to my name, though it was painful not buying anything & staring at all the gorgeous things, it was lovely to be spending some time with him and getting out for the day.
I have wanted these shoes for such a long time now. They are perfect for summer and they really do go with literally everything you can think of! You can always count on All Saints for proper, pure quality shoes, plus they are actually really comfy!! You wouldn’t see these in any old high street shop, which is why I love them so much, I’m all over different  & unique styles. Fashion is always better when you can add lots of unusual styles that you don’t already have.
Yes I love to experiment with my photographs and take a lot more than I should. It makes pictures so much more worth looking at, and definitely more interesting especially when it’s at all sorts of angles with different background views.
These are quite expensive shoes but for what you’re paying for, it is really worth every single penny as they are going to last me a long long time! That’s the beauty of leather, it moulds to your feet perfectly. Like a perosonalised pair of shoes that feel as though they have been made for your feet!

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