Leopard on Denim

I snatched up this little ASOS cardi from a charity shop a few weeks ago for just £3.50! I got quite a few bargains that day, they'll be up on the blog in no time.

I bought these cute leopard Dune slippers from TK Maxx  just before Christmas and surprisingly they go with everything! When it comes to leopard print I like to use it in small doses and introduce it to quite a few looks, sometimes it's just nice to play around with different patterns because they really do go with more than you think. 

With tassels and denim being one of the main looks this season I wanted to combine the both together on top of white tones so that the tassels, denim and also the leopard stood out in style. The best thing about denim for me is that the fabric makes it look so rugged and rough, yet when you pair it with clean block colours it can transform the whole perspective of denim, that's the beauty of it. Denim is without a doubt a timeless piece of fashion, whether it's a dress or a jacket you can always wear it in years to come. A bit like leather. 

Cardi - ASOS
Denim Shirt - Topshop
White Jeans - Topshop
Leopard Pointed Slippers - Dune
Leather Clutch - Topshop

(Get the look below)


Calvin on the Coast

Introducing my bargain CK Jeans jacket!

I'm gutted at how unclear the sea is in these pictures, the view is stunning though - take my word for it! 

Since bomber jakets have been a good hit for quite a while now I thought I should style this one up for you guys. I think with the bomber style it indicates a kind of relaxed and cool look to wear with jeans and sneakers but I decided to switch it up a little with these fur ankle booties. I love the different trends that come out every season but I don't always want to look the exact so I like to put my own style in with it as well! What's the point in being trendy if you can't experiment with Fashion? Seems pointless to me, otherwise we're never going to stand out.

So I may as well reveal how this jacket is a bargain... TK Maxx. Need I say more? I have got the most amazing bargains from that place and the best thing about it is that it's all cheap because it's designer labels old collections - but isn't there a small saying of what goes around comes around? That's exactly what's happened here, this bomber jacket was also a hit back then and now it's come back big time! Speaking of perfect timing.


My ASOS Valentine Favourites

So I thought I would do a special post for Valentines Day! For those who have no idea what to do I wanted to fix together a little inspiration for you. I hope you like what I've picked out.


1.  This piece is pretty self explanatory as to why it's one of my faves - the open back feature. 

I think to have this as an interesting part of the bra is quite unusual and I like the fact that the designer has payed attention to the back for a change, rather than typically at the front on full display as per usual.

2. If you aren't really in to your lingerie sets but you want to make just a little more effort for this special occasion, then I'd recommend this one; only because it isn't drastically different to an every day bra but with the lace and balconette style it most definitely makes up for it!! I think what ever you choose as long as it has at least some sort of lace or embroidery, you can't fail to go wrong this Valentines Day.

3. We all love the feel of satin or silk based fabrics and one of the most important things about lingerie is the feel of the materials you're wearing. In my personal opinion these pieces of underwear we choose goes down to touching and feeling - and the lingerie plays a massive part of that which is why some people I'm sure, prefer to call it 'intimates'. The strappy detail is a perfect finishing touch for this design. I like a lot. 

4. I couldn't possibly do a blog post on lingerie without adding a basque now can I? 

When lace and mesh are both combined together you know something sexy is going to come out of it - and here is a beautiful example! Are we surprised, it is L'Agent by Agent Provocateur after all...

5. This bra is probably my favourite one out of all eight, purely for the shoulder caps. We all know what it's like with the lead up to V- Day constantly thinking "what the hell am I going to wear that's so bloody different to last year?!" because nothings more irritating then playing a broken record "Remember this one?! Course you do, you saw it last year... and the year before that!!".  Get a bra with caps and you're laughing! ;)

6.  Lace, lace and more lace! We love lace and so do they. What's more comfortable then feeling as though you're wearing nothing? I just love the 'barely there' design about it, the fabric is so thin you can see skin underneath it which makes it 10 times more sexy and the strappy parts add a lot more excitement to this set. 

Comfy and sexy all in one.

7.  This is fairly similar to the previous set but this one is toned down a little more. I chose this as it's simple but provocative too, so wearing it under a black jumpsuit or LBD would add to the detail of your outfit with its lacy-ness.

You won't even need to change after you're dinner date as you'll already be wearing it underneath! ;)

8.  My final choice is the mesh triangle with embroidery. Every girl wants one of these babies; you know the white ones that everyone wants for summer time? Yeah that is indeed what you're looking at but black is better - you know why black is better? Because it's sexy and it's Valentines Day!!  

I love the small amount but right amount of lace and huge amount of mesh so it leads a lot more to the imagination.


I hope that whatever you lucky ladies have planned for Valentines Day brings you lot's of happiness. I'm betting big bucks that everyone's going to be down at the cinema watching a certain film!! No idea what it is though...


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