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How delish do my nails look!?
My nail lady is pretty amazing, she always knows exactly what I want! To be quite fair she took me by surprise today as she introduced me to this new colour 'spearmint' though I like to refer it as the 'tiffany' colour. This colour is the total opposite to what I would usually go for, however it has warmed to me massively recently, mainly through jewellery with the bright turquoise stone. I just think it's a huge summer colour and goes amazingly well with a gorgeous bronze tan!! So hard not to love.
For quite a while now I have been making one of my nails a statement piece every time I get them painted, it's mainly the one next to the pinky. Even though some ladies like to go all out with every single nail, I like to make it small, dainty and tasteful. I'm not your typical girly girl but I just couldn't help myself with this one! I haven't tried out the 3D kind of look yet, but I suppose because its not too in your face, so we can state it as 2D! :)
Yes my Chanel perfume is empty but I can't stand to throw the bottles away, they're too nice! Sad or not I don't care lol!XP

Bird is the word!

So this is my first time having a go at designing an iPhone 5 case... I'm quite proud of it as it is only my first go! I'm sure there are lots of creative geeks out there that could out do this little pathetic design in minutes! But I think it's quite sweet and there isn't much to it either! Sometimes you see some iPhone cases that are over done, just a tiny bit.
I didn't really intend on doing this but I was wondering up and down the ESK aisles to get my mum some storage boxes to store all her jewellery bits and bobs in as she likes to make her own earrings etc, (you can see where I get my crafty ass from! :) )Anyway I came across these little wooden cut out birds and it all kind of came together. I had bought a clear iPhone 5 case on eBay a few months ago anyway just incase I did decide to come up with an idea or design to what I wanted to do with it - I do this now and again , just buy something I like the look of because I get the idea I'm going to do something different & unique with it. If I don't buy it there and then it will bug me for ageeees! But it was just one of those spare of the moment ideas where I thought why the hell not and it was bloody easy too!
A little thing called 'jewellers cement' is just what you need, then you can create just about anything on these little cases! :) x

Converse, flowers & a cuppa by the sea.

I have so much love for taking pictures and I take it quite seriously when it comes to taking a proper picture, (which is sort of surprising as I don't tend to take anything seriously... It's all about having a laugh!) I can't just click at any old object and think yeah that'll do, I take hundreds of the same thing until I am satisfied. Stating the obvious I love to edit my images so they look slightly different to their original one, otherwise your image is going to look pretty much the same as any other fancy photographers. Having a pretty random day last week so I decided to play around with my amazing camera and make the most of it!

Every now and again my boyfriend likes to surprise me with a gorgeous bouquet of beautys because he's just purely the fucking best! And I always like to capture the moment properly, so I have many pictures of random flowers all over my computer! These are just the recent ones XD.

The sun decided to show it's face a few days ago and it was sooo lovely and warm and extremley overdue! So mum & I decided to sit down on the sea front for a cuppa, and guess what... The bloody clouds creeped over and it rained! Typical us! As soon as we get up to go the sun just burst out of the clouds! Was not our day lol!

But whatever the weather the sea is always amazing to look at.

Peridot London baby!

I am sooo happy with my bargain I spotted yesterday at LFW. A designer I am completely new to, http://www.peridotlondon.co.uk/  

It's from their AW10 collection, and I LOVE it!! So going to the next season.

Needed/wanted the cropped black jacket to go with it too, of course!! ;)

Galaxy inspired ... well, meant to be!

I have always had this on the back of my mind to have a go at. I bought the shirt for £2 at a vintage store near me and my leggins are just 1 out of 100000 I have in my drawer so it wasn't a big deal covering it all in paint and bleach! This was so fun to do and most of all EASY to do. Every now and again I have a big urge to do something like this, you'll be surprised at how it turns out when you try it yourself!
All the bits & bobs you need... 
  •  Any kind of thick bleach and a spray bottle for the bleach.
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush/toothbrush
  • Newspaper to protect your mums muchly loved oak dining table!
  • Sponge/Cloth, to dab the paint.

The best thing about creating things like this is that you can do it how you like, plus if it's to do with art you can never ever be too messy!! Just make sure you don't over do it! Otherwise you'll bleach the whole thing and there won't be much effect. To be able to acheive a really successful star effect you need to start with bleach as a base, holding the spray bottle up right so the bleach squirts further rather than just a pathetic dribble out of the nozzle. After that you need to use the white paint as another base - not diluted, get all of the paint on your paintbrush/toothbrush pulling the bristles back with your finger which should flick the paint on to your garment to create little specks for your stars. If you want to, you can add water to dilute your paint for more subtle looking stars. It all depends on how the bleach has turned out if you feel you there's too much brightness and you want to even it out a smidge then add the water to your paint. No matter how many times you do this it's not going to go exactly the same everytime it's all about your judgement at the end of the day. The last thing you need to do is apply your other choices of colours. I applied a light lilac colour, yellow, light blue. Then to finish it off I blotted white paint for bigger looking stars.  This is my first time at having a go at the whole galaxy theme so don't let my example put you off! I'm sure if I had done it a few times first it would improve just a littleee bit! Practice makes perfect.

Perfect for those who love art and fashion at the same time, like me!! :)


Flowers in yo face!!

The main reason why I love Aveda so much is because it's 100% natural and none of it is tested on poor innocent animals. I am a massive animal lover and I cannot stand any animal from tiny little insects to huge big bears being mistreated. So I am more than happy to show off this amazing brand - a bit like Lush or The Body Shop if you like. Natural sourced brands like these put others to shame because not only is it for a good cause and has no chemicals it smells SO good! Have you ever noticed your make up smelling amazing!? Nope, me neither!! You can literally smell the natural ingredients in the products it reassures you that spending that little extra does the world of good! It doesn't say pure flower and plant essences for nothing ya kno'!! Ever since I put down my L'Oreal mousse foundation and started using Aveda's tinted moisturiser my skin has cleared up massive amounts, I've never seen my skin glow so much. You can still cover up but your skin isn't clogged up as you might find with other heavier, artificial, popular brands! I adore it! That way you don't need to feel guilty about putting your make up on each day :)
Every morning I apply..
  1.  the exfoliant with a cotton pad to get rid of any excess dirt.
  2.  I then apply the moisturiser so my tinted moisturiser glides on better - moisturiser is always key to apply before putting on any foundations/powders.
  3. After I have applied the tinted moisturiser I add a small amount of transluscent powder to hold my make up in place.
Thought I'd share my love for Aveda !!
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