Bird is the word!

So this is my first time having a go at designing an iPhone 5 case... I'm quite proud of it as it is only my first go! I'm sure there are lots of creative geeks out there that could out do this little pathetic design in minutes! But I think it's quite sweet and there isn't much to it either! Sometimes you see some iPhone cases that are over done, just a tiny bit.
I didn't really intend on doing this but I was wondering up and down the ESK aisles to get my mum some storage boxes to store all her jewellery bits and bobs in as she likes to make her own earrings etc, (you can see where I get my crafty ass from! :) )Anyway I came across these little wooden cut out birds and it all kind of came together. I had bought a clear iPhone 5 case on eBay a few months ago anyway just incase I did decide to come up with an idea or design to what I wanted to do with it - I do this now and again , just buy something I like the look of because I get the idea I'm going to do something different & unique with it. If I don't buy it there and then it will bug me for ageeees! But it was just one of those spare of the moment ideas where I thought why the hell not and it was bloody easy too!
A little thing called 'jewellers cement' is just what you need, then you can create just about anything on these little cases! :) x

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