How to Rock Those Abandoned Tee's

Is it just me or do you have endless amounts of Rock t -shirts that you've collect from concerts with your Dad over the years that just never get worn?... like ever? I don't even think it's the fact that I don't know how to wear them or refuse to wear them,  it's just the pure fact that they don't spring to mind when I think to myself "what shall I wear today?" and they should! After all, the reason I get all of these tee's is because I had an incredible time that evening at the concert so I like to bring the memory home with me, so they deserve to be worn don't they?! (these aren't the only ones by the way I have billions more!)

These rocky shirts can sometimes be tough to style, and I think most of the time people think mehh I can only wear them with denim - like jeans or shorts ... or denim jackets. I think not! With today's fashion you can get away with pretty much anything and the whole punk/rock theme has stuck around with us for quite a bit so dig out your best Ozzy shirt ladies and wear it with pride! Because you can make grunge look chic in a matter of minutes. Here's how I styled mine :)

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I paired most of these tee's with leather material for obvious reasons but they would look just as effective with other various materials such as lycra, PVC, or cotton. 

So the first shirt you see is the american football design AC/DC one which I actually bought from Truffle Shuffle - no doubt about it the BEST place for a good ol' quirky t-shirt anything you want on a tee, they have it! They're simply amazing. 

The Foo Fighters tee you see - one of the best times of my life and I would literally do anything to see them again. Dave Grohl is the highlight of my life. They are absolutely incredible to see live I can't even begin to explain! If you get the chance to see them DO IT you will not regret it and I bet all the money in the world you will love every minute of it!

My AC/DC Black Ice Tour tee resembles the symbol of major happiness. I saw them in 2007 in Tampa, Florida. I think I would put them down as the best band I've ever seen live, no one could ever top what they did that evening in 2007. I admit my music taste is extremely random and I've seen a whole bunch of good acts but they were honestly out of this world! Hands down my favourite band and always will be :) Knowing they are releasing a new album and rumours are going around that they're touring too next year gives me unbelievable excitement!! I have no shame in saying I am the ultimate Dirty DC fan! ;) I think this top went well with this skirt better than all the others, as it was fairly long I wanted to show you that it looked good either way, tucked in or not.

Metallica were pretty amazing live, some of their stuff is verrry heavy but you can't help but love it... or James Hetfield. He definitely has one of those very distinctive voices, if anything were to happen to him a replacement wouldn't be a good idea for Metallica!

Chickenfoot haven't been around as long as the last few bands that I've mentioned but it includes Sammy Hagar from Van Halen and Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers what more could you want? Oh yeah and only the most amazing guitarist in the world - Joe Satriani! He is one very talented guy that I can say with confidence is lovely too as my Mum, Dad and I had the great opportunity to meet him when we saw him at the o2 academy stage. Very lucky indeed. My Dad and I saw Chickenfoot at Shepherds Bush a while ago and they were so much fun to see live.

Last but not least we have the prince of darkness to still to this very day is a massive legend! This was actually my very first concert - Ozzy Osbourne not Black Sabbath, although Black Sabbath are currently the last rock band I've seen so far, which was another incredible experience - spent with Dad of course! I just remember being so young and thinking everyone who looked at me either wanted to eat me or kill me... but I still loved every minute of it!! I paired this look with my black ripped denims as no girl can ever fail to pull this look off! Especially with killer heels which I think accentuates the outfit massively.

Let me know how you like to style your best rock 'n' roll tee's! We all need the inspiration :)

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  1. I really love all these looks (my fav is the first one, your leather skirt is sooo beautiful !!)

  2. these outfit ideas are great, you look amazing

  3. Everything looks gorgeous, you look beautiful!!! :)

    Layla xx

  4. loving the edgy style to these looks!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. I love those ACDC tops! I'm a huge fan so these are perfect :-) you're so beautiful and have the loveliest figure. Just followed you on bloglovin, so glad I found your blog.


  7. Amazing post, dear!


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