Whoever says they don't like black is definitely lying.

I remember when I was younger if you ever got caught wearing any item of clothing you were classed as an 'emo' or 'goth' hahah! Nowadays I cannot get enough of the beautiful, classy colour so if others class me as a goth so be it! Embrace your dark side ladies.

Easter Sunday

Don't get me wrong I live for denim everything and anything but it feels sooo good to not be wearing jeans for once! If you've been following my blog from the start then you may remember these bargain finds from years ago! They've always been a little loose around the waist seeing as they are a high waist fit but it's nice to not have them completely snug on my tummy!

Pretty infatuated with this blush shade atm too, if you're following me on Pinterest then I do apologise on clogging up your news feed for the last day or so lol! It's as if I hadn't seen it before in my life it's so weird! For me it is indeed the new nude - although I suppose it is a sort of shade of nude and considering i'm not the biggest fan of pink this is a pretty big move for me!

Leather X Leather

If you didn't know, i'm a huge lover of leather!

I'm still clinging on to those black leather vibes until it gets the boot when Summer comes along. Now that it's spring you kind of feel the need to bare more skin so I'm giving this look as much as I can give until it goes back in to hiding!

I've always loved the leather on leather trend, with a mix of detail to merge with it to make the outfit really pop. With detail in mind, my automatic choice is always something from my All Saints selection - you can always rely on them for a good amount of heavy detail!


The best thing about sports luxe being so popular these past couple of seasons is that we can be so comfortable and be completely on trend too.

I'm not the biggest fan of prints but with Adidas having such a huge range of their iconic prints, they're pretty hard not to love!

Payday Wishlist

Boyfriend Bomber

Currently obsessing over all kinds of bomber jackets at the moment from all colours to all designs and now the length!

I'm not going to lie and take all the credit, as the boyf has let me borrow this for the blog haha! As soon as I clocked it I was like ermmm... you would look good on my blog - SHOTGUN! But it gives the same effect doesn't it - besides you wouldn't have noticed it was Mens would you? ;)

Since yeezy has made a huge difference this season to high street stores, everywhere has discreetly just sneaked a small Yeezy section in the corners and I have to say I am actually loving it! His designs are very dark, drapy, over sized and simple yet exhilarating all at the same time and that is just me all over and I can't get enough! This is what makes wearing half of your boyfs wardrobe A-OK! 

Shop my fave bombers below!

Holding Up with Wolford

Since Springtime has finally hit the scene and we can now say "Helloooo Sunshine!!" I think it's safe to bare just a cheeky bit of skin after a long long wait!

With one of the lovely girls at Wolford giving me another opportunity to choose from their luxury SS16 collection, I had to go for something different and out of the ordinary - The hold ups. When it comes to date night, hold ups with suspenders are the most undeniably sexiest option to go for, and with that most girls my age should be going for this choice a lot more! Biting the bullet and trying out looks like this, makes your fashion-eye range wider and wider, the more you do it the more comfortable you're going to feel when you really want your style to stand out.

If you're a bit bored of wearing jeans with a top and fancy a little change for spring, switch it up with a pair of hold ups and a big chunky knit and a pair of boots. 

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