My trip to Amsterdam


What an experience! I think it goes without saying, that I could have most definitely taken more snaps but instead of burying my face in to a camera I wanted to make the most of the city and the atmosphere it oozed too! There is such a lot to do in such a beautiful place, a long weekend to do as much as possible is advised!

Amsterdam is a place I thought would never overwhelm me as much as it did. It was so much more than what I expected - it's sort of hard to explain, but I will try my best...

For my brothers Birthday his fiancĂ©e bought him tickets to see Craig David in the famous city and kindly invited us along on the trip! We stayed for a long weekend at a hotel on the canal which was extremely central! There were trams available to get around but we chose to soak up the Amsterdam vibes on foot! 

As we all know this particular location is most iconic for it's prime street - The Red Light District.  Before visiting Amsterdam I expected these streets to be lonely and quiet. I was so wrong! The alley ways and shops aside the canals along the Red Light Distrtict were so busy not feeling much different to other parts of Amsterdam, it blended in and felt so normal. Obviously seeing women in the windows selling their bodies was a huge reality check as us Brits are not used to seeing that on a Monday morning what so ever! I felt sad and shocked all at the same time that women feel the need to go to that extent to earn money. I think it all boils down to the type of person you are for that choice of living, and whether that bothers you or not - but in Amsterdam that's how it is. I'm sure if I grew up in the Netherlands, I wouldn't find that strange at all.

When it comes to food and drink we all decided to just go with the wind, be spontaneous and see where we ended up! We fell in to lots of coffee shops and bars like The Bulldog,  and Lost In Amsterdam to name a couple. If you're a sugar addict like myself then I can gurantee you will fall in love with Amsterdam as there's a bakery every 150 yards! They are out of this world, it honestly makes me so happy haha! Another love I discovered out there was a little Asian restaurant called 'Wok to Walk' which basically allows you to make up your own Asian recipe and it literally was one of the highlights of my holiday! (true fatty quote right there) Just take my word for it and go there if you haven't already DA-BOMB.

Craig David played at the Melkweg, which is extremley central and gives out a sort of warehouse vibe... bit like our Brighton Concorde just a little more quirky. Safe to say he was incredible and we had the best time, but that goes without saying doesn't it? It is Craig David after all! He was loving life up on that stage! We did a lot of reminiscing that night fo sho.

As we were there we were all desperate to see the legendary Anne Franks house. Despite the fact that it was extremley sad, shocking and mind blowing that something so awful had happened in our history it was most of all a big eye opener on how much we take for granted on a day to day basis. Getting up in the morning and going to work is an absolute privilege to us compared to what they all went through in the war, the littlest things like that we should all be grateful for, not to mention the amount of food we can all have now, it all amazes me. Incredibly inspirational - so if you ever stop off in the Netherlands you have to go there!

I could go on all day about the things I saw and experienced but I thought I'd name a few to give you an idea of how it is there. However it is just an hour on the plane for us so why the hell not?! 

Let me know if you have any other city break suggestions, i'd love to hear about them!


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