Boyfriend Bomber

Currently obsessing over all kinds of bomber jackets at the moment from all colours to all designs and now the length!

I'm not going to lie and take all the credit, as the boyf has let me borrow this for the blog haha! As soon as I clocked it I was like ermmm... you would look good on my blog - SHOTGUN! But it gives the same effect doesn't it - besides you wouldn't have noticed it was Mens would you? ;)

Since yeezy has made a huge difference this season to high street stores, everywhere has discreetly just sneaked a small Yeezy section in the corners and I have to say I am actually loving it! His designs are very dark, drapy, over sized and simple yet exhilarating all at the same time and that is just me all over and I can't get enough! This is what makes wearing half of your boyfs wardrobe A-OK! 

Shop my fave bombers below!

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