Grace Loves Lace

As Wedding Days are one of the most special days we can all ever experience, it's so important to  enjoy and soak up every little detail and choice that we make through the whole process as after all it is sadly just one day. Making a decision as big as this is without a doubt one of my most cherished memories that I shall never forget...

Picking out dresses for a Wedding took me by surprise with the way I thought I would feel - to be honest, I didn't know how to feel not being engaged before! The feeling was a lot more special than I had ever anticipated and took me by complete surprise. The more dresses I tried on the more time went by, making me not want to come out of this magical bubble that I never wanted to end.

Grace Loves Lace is an Australian Designer who uses French lace to create these beautiful, elegant pieces. When I first got engaged I had no idea what sort of style I wanted to go for; not being a particularly girly gal and having an acquired taste in fashion that changes constantly makes it slightly challenging! As soon as I'd heard of GLL I instantly knew that I was going to find what I wanted. I wanted something that wasn't ridiculously fancy and formal which sounds so silly for a bride I know, but you want to feel completely yourself on your big day don't you? I tried on six gowns all together and the more I tried on the more I wanted all of them! Unfortuantely I could not have them all, maybe if I was earning the big bucks I could! Every single dress was just out of this world and was me all over. Unique and unpredictable for a bride design is what I'm looking for - and that's exactly what I got.

The showroom made a huge impact on the whole experience for me. Decor is very important to me and which I have a huge interest in, instantly falling in to my comfort zone with the brick wall and blush tones on the sofa and rugs. Very delicate but edgy at the same time. Considering it was a very small boutique it was incredibly spacious and to top it all of we got bubbly on arrival so there really was nothing to complain about!

I was so grateful for the girls who helped me that day they were so attentive and friendly giving me all the help and support that I needed at an instant. It's even better when booking by appointment because you don't need to worry about the showroom getting really crowded, it felt nice to have it almost to ourselves so you can really focus, relax and enjoy every moment properly.

An hour later after trying on beautiful dresses, hard core brain storming, sipping bubbly, discussing the options and more trying on -  I finally made a decision with my dress against another. I made the appointment with a specific dress in mind that I had my eye on and fell completely in love with walking out with something the complete opposite. I guess all those rumours about picking a dress you wouldn't normally go for are true! Almost a year from now I will be able to reveal my choice with pride! Sooo watch this space ... Eekkk!!

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