Bringing Back the Midi

From flared jeans to these gorge midi skirts, flares are back and looking gooood. 

Detail makes all the difference on garments, like the mesh on my skirt here - I probably wouldn't love it half as much without the mesh! That's one of the main things I love when old fashion trends come back around, the detail can be so much different because they  wouldn't have thought about putting mesh on these skirts back in the 60's, that's the beauty of today's modern fashion designs.

The skirt is a statement in itself so I decided to go for a simple top to keep all of the attention on the skirt.

Grey top - American Apparel 
Midi Skirt - Boohoo
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Louis Vuitton 

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Howling for Houndstooth

A monochrome style is always a timeless one for me. One that you can dress up or dress down no matter what, so very easily. Hounds tooth will always be a print of my favourites. Finished with a pair of stylish, sassy strappy heels will complete the look perfectly. 

I love this look, purely for the strong out look it has with the blazer and stilettos with a slight glance at the waist line.

Of course, introducing just a small bit of Louis V won't hurt anyone!

Blazer - Warehouse
Top - Topshop
Pants -Topshop
Stilettos - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Louis Vuitton

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I can't even chose which one I would rather have I'm absolutely in love with all of them! 

The looks that I have chosen are fairly similar as in straight and floor length (which wasn't done on purpose) I personally find this silhouette more flattering, with a ton of detail and a shape that compliments the figure you cannot go wrong.

So many people are going crazy over Kim K's, Jlo's and Beyonce's dresses but I just think they're soo predictable, all very similar and kind of 'been there done that' if you know what I mean? When it comes to Red Carpet gowns and you wonder what designs we'll all be seeing, I instantly think of the typical mesh detail dresses with a long train, smothered in lace/crystals. It just doesn't really do it for me because it's not something I haven't seen before. Don't get me wrong I LOVE mesh but when it comes to gowns I think the ones that have a LOT more thought that's gone in to them the better they come out at the end; besides they stand out such a lot more - that's kind of the point though isn't it?

 When it comes to fashion, for me it's all about being blown away by the design that's gone through someone's mind to create something really amazing, unique and just unheard of. That's the best part about fashion is how fascinating it is that someone's actually come up with this and worked really really hard on it to make it unforgettable. That to me is proper fashion. 

On the other hand these are my colours  - Khaki, Black, Gold, Champagne. Real nice evening colours. 

Ever since Kendall Jenner has landed her modelling career she has been on fiaaar. The girl looks good in bloody anything!! But this... this dress is out of this world. A Calvin Klein number from their collection designed by Francisco Costa covered in green emerald crystals PLUS the side crossing detail. Jesus christ it's the best thing since sliced bread. I love it so much I'd happily get married in it. 

I won't go on about them individually don't worry cause you'll be here all day reading this. 

To love fashion is to appreciate it and holy moly do I appreciate these simple yet stunning designs right here. 

(left to right)

Rosie Huntington-Whitely - Versace
Jourdan Dunn - Burberry
Kate Hudson - Michael Kors
Kendall Jenner - Calvin Klein
Naomi Campbell - Burberry

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