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From a recent request for what seems to be an awkward body shape to style I have been asked for a helping hand on how to style a voluptuous body shape. Out of the many questions I get asked about styling or opinions on fashion I especially wanted to share this one and give it a go as it's not very easy at all. Having an hour glass figure is probably one of the best shapes women can be lucky enough to have, but styling it is a whole other story. Ever since I started blogging I never thought much about others body types, I based all of my outfits purely on what I love to wear and my thoughts and opinions on fashion which I just wanted to share over a blog. I never thought about the struggles people go through because of their shape, and this is exactly why I wanted to do this post; why should others miss out on the excitement of seasonal trends just because they aren't sure how to wear it?

 My main focus I wanted to concentrate on when choosing the outfits was the waist. To have a curvy figure you need to make the most of it and accentuate it by choosing garments that cling to the waist. Whatever body shape you have you should ALWAYS make the most of it whether you have legs for days but aren't so confident with the upper part of your body - get those leggies out! Or vise versa! We all have little things we'd love to change but you should most definitely flaunt your best assets, be proud of your body - in this case boobies and bottoms. The inspiration for this subject would have to be Kim Kardashian. If my outfits don't seem to help and it's just not doing the trick then take some tips from what she wears. Kim is in body con outfits the majority of the time but if you're looking for more casual wear then see how she dresses her jeans etc. Her style is incredibly inspirational... or should I say Kanyes? Because as we all know, she doesn't pick the outfits! 

Some people with my shape are extremely envious of the hourglass kind for their full bust and peachy bum with a very small waist. But when it comes to shift dresses and baggy jumpers it's not so easy. 

My First Look - This is one of my ideal casual looks. Bearing in mind what the trends are this season I decided to do the longline cardigan look - even though this look is for comfort I wanted to make it more chic with strappy heels. As you still want to flaunt your curves you don't want to be as 'out there' both day and night, I always think it's better to do that more so for the evening... a bit like wearing your red lippy, eyelashes or curling your hair - just so you look noticeably different in the evening to what you normally would wear in the day. Which is why I chose this tee as it isn't incredibly tight but at the same time has the right amount of looseness to keep it nice and stylish. I would also recommend having a slightly more lower 'V' neckline so it has a tiny peek of the cleavage. Sadly I haven't got that option as I have no cleavage. So appreciate your big boozums ladies!!

My Second Look - I wanted to draw attention to the upper body, by doing so I chose to do this with a roll neck jumper as a high neck will emphasize the boobs with the help of a scarf that will then outline one of your best assets! I also wanted to do this with tight skinny jeans so that it compliments the shape of the hips nicely too. This look can be dressed up or down with chelsea boots how I have done here or pencil skirts and cage heels for a lovely dinner date. 

My Final Look - Now for the evening outfit, you know what they say you either have your legs or boobs out and I gave in to boobs. Much easier for this time of year! I chose to use one of my all in one bodies to guarantee a tight smooth effect to compliment the waist with a plunging neckline. With this invaluable top in your wardrobe you can dress it with almost anything as long as you have those main points accentuated you can have a lot of fun on what you want to do with the bottom half! If you wanted to highlight your whole shape from head to toe then I would suggest pairing this with a mini/pencil skirt. I Chose my oh so precious dark leopard pants to give off a classy smart style with pointed wedges which I think is a very powerful look - most of the time if your outfits have deep pockets it's going to give off that vibe! But if you're finding it far too nippy then dress it with either an off the shoulder knit or a smart blazer with a fun print or different block colour of your choice.

If I had more time I definitely would have done more with this post and gone further with it but unfortunately it got dark very quickly and I ran out of time so this is just a small one, the second half of this post will be done shortly. I will be doing more posts like these so if you would like to ask me something or need help with styling please don't hesitate to contact me I will be more than happy to try my very best to help you out.

Jaide Clothing is a clothing brand based in Canada which is known for it's unique designs which just belong on the curvaceous body. It's worth a look as their designs are just beautiful, I follow them on Instagram and I am literally in love with everything they have! So take a look at what they have, it's perfect for inspiration!

First Look:

Second Look: 

Third Look:


Knee Highs & Splits

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Since remembering the fact I own knee high boots, life has made it very hard to detach myself from them (as you may have noticed if you're following my Insta/Facebook profile).

I bought these wonderful boots at Schuh in Brighton a couple of years ago and never ever wore them, of course I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them which is why I bought them in the first place, but I never really bothered to pair them with many of my outfits. CRAZY I know! I've been saying over and over to myself "look what you've been missing out on! You complete idiot!". Isn't that an amazing feeling though? It's a bit like finding a tenner in the back pocket of your jeans that you haven't worn in yonks - the amount of happiness you get from that is the exact feeling I have for my beloved booties.

I noticed this look a few weeks ago for it's simple but very diverse look. I love the whole double split style as you can sneak in skirts, shorts, jeans and SO much to create quite a varied ranged outfit. Pairing this with an oversized longline coat would look incredible! Or even the cardigan from my previous post on Polyvore below - absolutely love it! 

I find this look very striking with it's complete unusual top/dress style, it almost looks like a maxi dress at first but it isn't what so ever so please don't try and wear nothing on the bottom half!! Otherwise you may find large groups of extremely happy men swarming towards you! As you can wear this with various pieces, I see this as a very long top that creates a really nice mild statement piece. 

I decided with having this seasons trends in mind, I picked monochrome as my palette and tried mixing it up a little. As long as you grab a trending piece use it as your main focus then build around your outfit, even if it's a tiny bit you can't fail to look different to everyone - remember less is more. I think that's everyone's biggest downfall with fashion, they grab all that they can to get 'the look' but that's not what it's all about at all, your suppose to experiment with fashion to reflect your style and what you love to wear rather than walking around looking the same as everyone else because that's what the social media is pointing out and telling you to do. If you think about it they've had to come up with that also, so why don't you try and do the same? Unless looking the same as everyone doesn't bother you as much as it does me then by all means! But if you're sick of having the same look then why not give it a go? ... So that's my big tip, whether it's monochrome you love, tartan, maybe the poncho trend? Just grab one of them and style your outfit around those trends. Be experimental and have fun with it!


Draped Fashion

Draped Fashion

Balenciaga woolen sweater
$4,155 - mytheresa.com

Crea Concept ribbed cardigan
$560 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel sandals

Givenchy purse

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