Living in leggings hasn't been a muchly loved trend of mine seeing as I only use them for film days but pulling them up to knee length makes all the difference... 

Pairing them with a pair of heels is the trick - if you did these with your Nike Thea's I'm not entirely sure you'd get the same result!!

I like to call it Urban Sass! 


When lingerie is as pretty as this Calvin Klein triangle bra, it's just way to nice to hideaway.

With a sneeky peak of lace, you can't go wrong - especially with a tie up shirt and pop of colour embracing the build up to Summer!

The colour white is going to be making a few appearances on blogs soon with the approach of warm weather leading to darker skin, introducing a bit of white-ness early is just way too tempting.

A Classic Vintage Shell

I wasn't originally a huge fan of the shell style to begin with as it was typically styled with tracksuits and gave off an (up to no good) extremely casual vibe - so it didn't really do it for me. However I saw this one and fell in love with the mustard colouring and how the other two colour combinations complimented each other straight away! I knew I could find something to pair with this and my dungarees teamed with it perfectly.

I needed something exactly like this for my wardrobe as a lot of my colours are fairly dark and this was the perfect piece to spice up any simple outfit. Baring in mind it's very thin so it'll be really useful for Summer time too. It's only until you find something like this that you realise you actually really needed it! Does anyone else ever get that? 

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