My first jumble sale!!

So I am a bit of a snob when it comes to clothes I love pure quality things that have a good strong fabric and actually look as though it's taken time and effort when it was made - especially jewellery, I love, love, LOVE real silver. I have always had a thing for the retro vintage things, I've never really judged any of that apart from when I was younger and my mum used to drag me in to charity shops there is always that rotten smell and i'm pretty sure that's what put me off! But the more I've grown up the more i've begun to appreciate clothes, I never really put much thought in to it. So I went along with my mum today and it's safe to say I-am-hooked. Second hand clothes aren't a bad thing at all I know it's kind of creepy knowing someone else has had it for years but you shouldn't let that bother you it's just an item of clothing at the end of the day, it won't carry diseases so shove it in the wash and wear it with pride!! :) But when you're buying things like these for diddly squat, who cares it's from a jumble sale!

The gold chain is probably my favourite out of all purchases today. These chains are so in this season and are in high street shops for about £15-£20. This gold chain - 20p.

My favourite styled tops are ones that are off the shoulder, I like to reveal the shoulder, collar bone look ;) There's something so classy about it! So I grabbed this one while I could because that's what your supposed to do at jumble sales, snatch! This small top - 20p also.

Khaki is one of those colours i'll always be automatically drawn to! They had no size what so ever so I had to have a little rough guess and just get them! Luckily they fitted perfectly around my waist.  I have no idea if they are high waisted trousers or not, but that's the only way they fitted me! Plus I am addicted to anything high waisted :) These gorgeous trousers were only 20p.

Last of them all, the haauge canadian - irving posluns. This beautiful posh vintage coat was only 50p!! What a find!! I love checked clothing I've got a ton of checked shirts skatterd all over my chest of draws, thought i'd add this beauty to the collection! :P Not that it will fit in my chest of drawers it's soo big and heavy! I'm going to me VERY thankful for this when winter shows it's face again!

Oh yeah and Asos boots on eBay - £7.95!

So just a little post to state, jumble sales are soo worth it! As smelly and quite of an experience it is, it's actually quite fun!!


  1. I love your boots! Such a bargain x

  2. Thanks! Such a good find wasn't it :P Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll have a look on yours too x


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