Teaching for the bleaching...


Okay so I’m going through a bit of a weird phase with bleach at the moment – very experimental, kind of like a child that’s just discovered something for the first time and wants to see what else they can do with it? Yeah. That’s basically what I’m doing.

Anyway dip dyeing is one of the biggest trends this season (also known as ombre or tie dyeing) and it’s been on my mind for a while to try it out as I see it all over the place! I gathered bleaching it would be a whole lot easier to experiment with than going out and buying a dye just so I don’t muck it up! Now I know what to do when I want to try it with colour J When attempting a dip dye with bleach you’ll need to do this on a dark fabric for reliable results, whereas if your using a coloured dye it’s best to use a lighter sort of fabric.

You have to be kind of careful to which you want to test it on as in what the material is. This material is 100% cotton but because of the thickness of the material it took longer for the results to reveal, so if you want to do it on a thicker fabric I suggest you do it on a day when you’ve literally got nothinggg else to do! For those impatient little buggers!

All you need is

·       a reasonably medium sized tub
·        rubber gloves

·        a plastic cup

·        newspaper to protect surfaces

·        any sort of strong thick bleach

·        a tap!

·       A top that you aren’t that bothered about ruining … Or you can 'accidentally' shrink your boyfriends jumper like I did XP


First you need to soak the bleach in stages. Soak half of the shirt/top/dress whatever you want, for 10-15 minutes or until your happy with the outcome of the shade (not too bright) then you’ll need to squeeze the excess out, add another cup of bleach but when putting it back in to the tub you’ll need to decrease the amount of fabric you’re putting in the tub so you can create a gradual fading effect otherwise your outcome will be just a contrast of two block colours rather than a fade of your second colour. Leave it for 15-20 minutes repeat the same as last time having only a small part of your garment in the tub for the last lightest end then leave 20-25 minutes to get your lighest shade possible for a proper ombre effect. Make sure when you have finished with all of your bleaching to soak the garment in fresh tap water to get rid of all the bleach.

I admit mine hasn’t turned out AMAZINNN but I had a go, it’s done some sort of difference and now I know what to do when I feel the need to do it properly next time.

I love the fact that I have no idea how it’s going to turn out  or the fact that I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing half the time anyway! Just goooo with the flow. It makes the little experiments so much better when you don’t have a rule book by your side you have to worry about the entire time! Just have fun with it! Grabbing life by the balls gives me motivation to experiment more with these things, nothing is perfect in life lets be honest, just the way we like it!! Bit like being normal… they’re both SO boring.
I think I’ll stick to my weird and wonderful self!

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