Boots in bushes!!

These have GOT to be the definition of freakin 
My absolutely perfect boyfriend treated me to these beauts, bless him. We went up to Blue water to shop for some holiday bits yesterday - Actually I tell a lie, Olly was doing all the shopping I was just helping him spend the money XP. Not me as I have noo money to my name, though it was painful not buying anything & staring at all the gorgeous things, it was lovely to be spending some time with him and getting out for the day.
I have wanted these shoes for such a long time now. They are perfect for summer and they really do go with literally everything you can think of! You can always count on All Saints for proper, pure quality shoes, plus they are actually really comfy!! You wouldn’t see these in any old high street shop, which is why I love them so much, I’m all over different  & unique styles. Fashion is always better when you can add lots of unusual styles that you don’t already have.
Yes I love to experiment with my photographs and take a lot more than I should. It makes pictures so much more worth looking at, and definitely more interesting especially when it’s at all sorts of angles with different background views.
These are quite expensive shoes but for what you’re paying for, it is really worth every single penny as they are going to last me a long long time! That’s the beauty of leather, it moulds to your feet perfectly. Like a perosonalised pair of shoes that feel as though they have been made for your feet!

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