Wedding Time!

Today's the day for a beauuuutiful wedding! 

So I thought I'd go for a fresh sharp white colour, I saw this offer for a matte effect too & it had two pots of glitter that came free with it, silver & gold. Could not turn that down! I'm absolutely obsessed with the matte look right now, I've always found it a really interesting, clever effect. I went for the silver glitter as it matches my silver rings that are on my fingers 24/7, I'm a massive silver lover!

Hope you like! :) x

A touch of glitter with a hint of floral ❁

So this is the latest with what's going on with my nails! I decided to go for a coral/salmon colour to fit in with summer nicely & as I can't not have a feature nail I decided to go for a warm glitter - gold. I'm not always the biggest fan of gold ,I'm beginning to think I only like it in small doses, & it does go so nicely with this summery coral colour :)
If I had no colour on my nails, rings on my fingers or even that faded little  crappy heart tattoo my hands would be the most boring asset on my body!! I like to think you can tell  a lot about someone with the way they accessorise their hands.
It makes people more interesting when they experiment with their appearance, if it's hair, style, colour etc ... they all have balls! :)
I thought I'd include my gorgeous flowers my other half got me for our anniversary, they were so heavy!! Big smile on my face needless to say!! Lily's & roses are my fave, he clearly knows me too well!;)

The highlight of my day!

This was literally the highlight of my day!!

Be Dazzle yourselves this summer!

 Be Dazzled 

How amaaaaazing does all of this look! I found this gorgeous company on Facebook & I just HAD to have a little nose!!
These creative young girls are based in London UK & It's their job to transform the most plainest and simplest of things in to the most glamorous, to-die-for things you will ever lay your eyes on. Whatever you need sparkling up, these girlies are exactly what you are looking for! Offering goods at such good reasonable prices & constantly introducing new things they can get their mitts on, to crystalize all for you to fall in love with... you really can't go wrong! :)
A great way to treat yourself or maybe even others if you have an exciting birthday creeping up! From baby essentials to bikini essentials they can glam up just about any bland thing you've got laying around!
I personally love the idea of being able to spice up your own kicks that'll look so different & unique, as I am all for having things that no one else has, these girls are great at that, they design you a complete different pattern to crystalize your booties to make them your own so noo one else has the same as you, I LOVE that! :D
Be sure to check up on their Facebook page right here so you can update yourself on their latest competitions and prizes to grab yourselves one of these beauts!!
Enjoy :) x

Skull Obsession? I have no idea what you mean...

There's something SO cool about skulls, I don't know what it is but I am fully addicted to them!!
I bought the skull at the top a couple of days ago whilst I was in Brighton it's a money box & I've been meaning to buy it for ages! It's from one of my favourite shops - URBAN OUTFITTERS. They've been on for sale for ages & I just had to buy it, I've needed a money box to encourage myself to save the odd penny here and there it really does help believe it or not!
The skull below, that is my silver ram skull. Isn't it beautiful! I bought this beauty from TK Maxx (another one of my fave shops), which is mostly loved for it's best bargains! I bought this because A. It's silver B. It's a skull (derrr) & C. I thought it would look amazing on just a plane white wall so it's centre of attention :)
The other one is also a good find from URBAN OUTFITTERS too! These were in the sale so you'd be lucky to find them! These are my favourite shot glasses ever now which I've also been meaning to buy for ages as well, I love how they're chunky, heavy glass so you know you've bought your moneys worth & the design on the glass is effective too! Definitely a good bargain, I got these for just £8 for 4 in a pack :)
The last one is a picture I found on Instagram, as soon as I saw this I with it instantly & thought ahhh shit I need this tattooed on me!!! I think I love it so much because it's different & it's feminine at same time as a bit edgy! What is not to love caam ann! A lot of thinking to do, the more I think... the more I want :/
Oh dear.

Pineapple Lovin'


Pineapple soaked in "Malibu"

Every summer it gets so hot I never really tend to get that hungry, I want to eat nothing but fruit all the time. When it comes to BBQ's that's a wholeee different story, you just combine the alcohol & the fruit! ;)
So I decided to cut up a gorgeous pineapple and soak coconut rum in it (over night so that it
 worked 100%) plus pineapple & coconut tastes amazing together. It worked so well that it went down even better! Everyone loved it!
But I'd suggest to cut up two pineapples as this 'snack' goes soo quick. Once you've cut up all the pineapple and all of the rum is in the bowl shove it in the fridge with the pineapple head (if you want it as a prop like mine) in a sandwich bag so it doesn't go a manky colour, then take it out of the fridge the following morning pop the pineapple head in the bowl, leave the rum in the bowl as you can pour the rest in your punch bowl as the day goes on :) This can also work with Malibu but this stuff is just as yummy and a lot cheaper, the choice is yours!

The pineapple head works as a great prop piece ;D

Funky & Yummy!!


Smiles All Round For Jack Wills Lippy

Who would have thought Jack Wills & lipstick?! I'm probably slightly behind about this news actually... Surprised me though!
I got these for Christmas from my other half's lovely family and decided to try them out & the colour range is so so nice! Perfect for if you want to try a new colour out but curious to what will suit you :) Excuse my crap accuracy of applying the lipstick lol It was just a rough look!! So don't judge ;)
I never tend to wear red anything I usually cannot stand it... Lipstick is allowed though, lipstick can stay :) Hope you like it! 

Calvin Harris - Thinking About You

Beautiful Turkey ♡

Lush Cosmetics.

My favourite place to go has always been and always will be the city by the sea; Brighton.
Whenever I go to Brighton I always pop in to Lush. I have so much respect for this company because they don't test on animals, they hand make all of their products which I think makes it so much more worth buying because a lot of effort has gone in to every single product and it's all for such a lovely cause!
I actually bought this BB Seaweed mask for my mum for Christmas purely for the fact it's cruelty free - she was delighted! You won't meet anyone that adores animals just as much as my mum!! She hasn't used it yet soo I thought id give it a cheeky go!
Even though it says seaweed in the title it smells gorrrgeous! It's bursting with natural ingredients like honey, fresh rose petals, olive oil, aloe vera, ground almonds and heaps more! When you're applying it to your skin you can feel almost every ingredient on your skin as your rubbing it in which also gives you a kind of exfoliation too not as much as I'd like but enough to make my skin feel amazing after!
 I highly recommend it to those who are well in to their natural, cruelty free products, plus don't mind spending a few more pennies for pure quality stuff! :D

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