Lush Cosmetics.

My favourite place to go has always been and always will be the city by the sea; Brighton.
Whenever I go to Brighton I always pop in to Lush. I have so much respect for this company because they don't test on animals, they hand make all of their products which I think makes it so much more worth buying because a lot of effort has gone in to every single product and it's all for such a lovely cause!
I actually bought this BB Seaweed mask for my mum for Christmas purely for the fact it's cruelty free - she was delighted! You won't meet anyone that adores animals just as much as my mum!! She hasn't used it yet soo I thought id give it a cheeky go!
Even though it says seaweed in the title it smells gorrrgeous! It's bursting with natural ingredients like honey, fresh rose petals, olive oil, aloe vera, ground almonds and heaps more! When you're applying it to your skin you can feel almost every ingredient on your skin as your rubbing it in which also gives you a kind of exfoliation too not as much as I'd like but enough to make my skin feel amazing after!
 I highly recommend it to those who are well in to their natural, cruelty free products, plus don't mind spending a few more pennies for pure quality stuff! :D

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