Skull Obsession? I have no idea what you mean...

There's something SO cool about skulls, I don't know what it is but I am fully addicted to them!!
I bought the skull at the top a couple of days ago whilst I was in Brighton it's a money box & I've been meaning to buy it for ages! It's from one of my favourite shops - URBAN OUTFITTERS. They've been on for sale for ages & I just had to buy it, I've needed a money box to encourage myself to save the odd penny here and there it really does help believe it or not!
The skull below, that is my silver ram skull. Isn't it beautiful! I bought this beauty from TK Maxx (another one of my fave shops), which is mostly loved for it's best bargains! I bought this because A. It's silver B. It's a skull (derrr) & C. I thought it would look amazing on just a plane white wall so it's centre of attention :)
The other one is also a good find from URBAN OUTFITTERS too! These were in the sale so you'd be lucky to find them! These are my favourite shot glasses ever now which I've also been meaning to buy for ages as well, I love how they're chunky, heavy glass so you know you've bought your moneys worth & the design on the glass is effective too! Definitely a good bargain, I got these for just £8 for 4 in a pack :)
The last one is a picture I found on Instagram, as soon as I saw this I with it instantly & thought ahhh shit I need this tattooed on me!!! I think I love it so much because it's different & it's feminine at same time as a bit edgy! What is not to love caam ann! A lot of thinking to do, the more I think... the more I want :/
Oh dear.

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