Pineapple Lovin'


Pineapple soaked in "Malibu"

Every summer it gets so hot I never really tend to get that hungry, I want to eat nothing but fruit all the time. When it comes to BBQ's that's a wholeee different story, you just combine the alcohol & the fruit! ;)
So I decided to cut up a gorgeous pineapple and soak coconut rum in it (over night so that it
 worked 100%) plus pineapple & coconut tastes amazing together. It worked so well that it went down even better! Everyone loved it!
But I'd suggest to cut up two pineapples as this 'snack' goes soo quick. Once you've cut up all the pineapple and all of the rum is in the bowl shove it in the fridge with the pineapple head (if you want it as a prop like mine) in a sandwich bag so it doesn't go a manky colour, then take it out of the fridge the following morning pop the pineapple head in the bowl, leave the rum in the bowl as you can pour the rest in your punch bowl as the day goes on :) This can also work with Malibu but this stuff is just as yummy and a lot cheaper, the choice is yours!

The pineapple head works as a great prop piece ;D

Funky & Yummy!!


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