A touch of glitter with a hint of floral ❁

So this is the latest with what's going on with my nails! I decided to go for a coral/salmon colour to fit in with summer nicely & as I can't not have a feature nail I decided to go for a warm glitter - gold. I'm not always the biggest fan of gold ,I'm beginning to think I only like it in small doses, & it does go so nicely with this summery coral colour :)
If I had no colour on my nails, rings on my fingers or even that faded little  crappy heart tattoo my hands would be the most boring asset on my body!! I like to think you can tell  a lot about someone with the way they accessorise their hands.
It makes people more interesting when they experiment with their appearance, if it's hair, style, colour etc ... they all have balls! :)
I thought I'd include my gorgeous flowers my other half got me for our anniversary, they were so heavy!! Big smile on my face needless to say!! Lily's & roses are my fave, he clearly knows me too well!;)

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