Holiday Purchases

So I'm going to Turkey in almost 2 weeks now... I think? AHHHH!! Too excited as I have never been to Europe, I've only ever been to the US! So whenever I see something when I'm out bearing in mind I have a holiday coming up & I see something I like I can't not have it! I can officially confess that I am a hard core shopaholic. It is so bad how often I get clothes but I honestly cannot help it I get SO happy when I've just bought something that I am in LOVE with or an amazing bargain, I get the same kinda buzz! As soon as I see something I like I cant help but think if I don't get it now then I wont see anything as nice as this again? or even if I don't get it now someone else will have it! I know its such a bad way of thinking and I have no hope for saving, I can save but it takes me forever as I have the worst shopping problem. But the thing is it's not as if I don't have any clothes either, my wardrobe is literally jam packed!! I have no excuses, no I don't need these clothes but I WANT them! That is my problem. So the old saying 'money can't buy you happiness' is the biggest load of bull in my eyes, because as soon as I step foot in any retail shop I am instantly extremely happy.

 Grey Marl Midi Skirt - Glamorous - £17
I've been meaning to get basic midi skirts for quite a while now as it's the new recent trend to wear them as everyday wear with a pair of low top converses, which I think looks so chic as it's a classy yet comfortable look. Usually when it comes to pencil skirts you pair them with a pair of sexy heels which does look amazing but having the choice between converses + heels gives midi/pencil skirts the statement piece in two different looks!

 Salmon Pink Pencil Skirt - River Island - £20
This pencil skirt is probably my favourite one at the moment. It compliments your skin tone such a lot! Any pencil skirt that has even a tiny split at the back just adds to the ultimate sexy look! This colour is very popular at the moment too as it's slightly vibrant but not too in your face? It's just amazing and I cannot wait to wear it on my hols!!

White & Fluorescent Orange strappy tops - Topshop - 2 for £10
I have a strange obsession with orange at the moment from the rustic orange tone to the brightest orange, I just love it! So as soon as I saw this little cute top I had to be mine! Surprisingly it was at a good price for topshop at only £6 even better when I took it to the counter and the lovely lady says their 2 for £10 which is why you can see a pretty little white one too! Perfect with my tan on holiday! XD I love that it's a cropped top and the way the straps join at the back, in a sports look kind of style. Even though it's a little top it gives off such an elegant look emphasising your shoulders and collar bone for that extra feminine look. Less is always more ;) I will most probably pair the white one with my salmon pink skirt above :)

 Striped Monochrome Shirt - Vero Moda - £28
For someone that has a lot of clothes I actually don't have that many shirts, so I guess I did kind of need this one... I wore it with my disco pants the other day and I felt so good in it! It's the best shirt to wear to express the monochrome look. It is a very flattering shirt and its actually perfect for summer as it's so light.

 Letter Tapered Pants - Vero Moda - £22
The reason why I love these pants so much is because they are so different. I'm all for different designs here and there, plus the fact that you can wear them high waisted did not help my temptation. These are also a thin fabric so they go amazing in hot weather. I also have a thing for trousers with pockets, there's something so comforting about just putting your hands in your pocket like it almost completes your look. They do have these in a white colour but I felt more comfortable in these and felt they'd go with more.

Olive Green Maxi - Topshop - £18
The colour of this dress is one of my favourites! I feel like it's such a rare colour now, which is probably why I get drawn to it's so easily! Maxis are sooo useful for holidays especially when it's blazing hot or when you've been out in sun a bit too much and you got a little burnt all you want is loose clothing as tight clothes are excruciating! I think it's such a flattering maxi and I shall be wearing it lots on my holiday! yay! :)

Each To Their Own

Here's another late purchase! Or should I say 'treat'...My lovely boyfriend treated me to this little beauty the other night. He was looking on the Each To Their Own website for himself & I noticed they had a Women's section, so I thought hmmm might as well have a little cheeky peek as you do and to be fair I'm a bit of a fussy cow! I scrolled down and saw these Alex Christopher designs and fell in LOVE, it was reduced from £75 to £25! Amazing bargain! It was quite funny because as soon as he said alright then I'll treat you to it, I got all excited & sat there for ages deciding which colour I wanted it in I couldn't decide for soo long out of four or five colours! I am pretty glad I went for this brown striped one though. Either brown or dogtooth. I like this one best, could quite easily have all five ;) 
This dress is pretty cool because you can wear it in all sorts of ways. The first time I saw it online it was worn the way I'm wearing it in the last pic ^^^ which caught my attention most but then when I clicked on the image to look at it properly, there was another way to wear it, which made it even more likeable! Which is good because say you don't have many things to wear you can easily wear it one weekend this way & another weekend a completely different way and no one would notice! Noooicee one!
 If you knew me just a little bit then you'd know that I am a maaassive sucker for pencil skirts, I think they give you such a good feeling they compliment your curves such a lot in a very sexy way, anyone can pull them off! I love the fact its got double lining too so you don't have to worry about the lining of your knickers etc! However my favourite part about this dress is the design; how the neckline joins in to a design on to the dress is like a blending process or almost like its melted in to the dress, looks a bit like a scarf! I'm all for different/uniqe designs, not like a Gareth Pugh different though that's a bit too different for me. He is an incredible designer though I'll give him that. I like the fact I've got something that others haven't, that's always been my main priority, not to be a sheep!! 

Hope you like It! :D x... ps excuse the messy hair!!

New Forest!

Once a year my family & I always go to our time share apartment that we have in the New Forest. I always take loads of pics, so I thought i'd share a few of them on here!
 We stay at this amazing place called Rhinefield House Hotel, it is incredible! The story behind it is quite romantic actually, 100 odd years ago a Lady decided to build a house for her hubby how cute!! I'm sure my other half would be well and truly made up if I just randomly decided to do that - wish I could!! Anyway we stayed there from Thursday till Sunday eve and it was just sooo nice to get away, wasn't long enough actually. Never is when you're on holiday though.
We did lots of outings like lunches and walking around the grounds etc, a very relaxing get away in other words :) We took full advantage of the spa too and got a nice indulging treatments, I had an all over ginger and lime body exfoliation. Bliss. If you ever do decide to go to the New Forest this year then you MUST go to The Pig, it's amaaazing! The whole experience of it is so cool! Cocktails especially, they were out of this world ;)

Matte, Glitter & Red Wine.

So here are my latest nails and it's safe to say I am in L-O-V-E! I've always been so intrigued by the whole idea of the matte effect, how the texture looks makes it stand out a lot! Luckily my nail lady had some on her! Either this purple or a bright green - similar to my other post! I had to go with this bright pinky purple colour going with this seasons neon trend! Plus I have a secret guilty pleasure for fuchsia/hot pink, I never used to like pink at all because I didn't want to come across as a typical 'girly girl' especially having bright blonde hair! Naaat a nice combo if you don't want to give off the Barbie impression... I've learnt not to give a shit though, I really love this nail design so I shall wear it with pride!! 
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