Each To Their Own

Here's another late purchase! Or should I say 'treat'...My lovely boyfriend treated me to this little beauty the other night. He was looking on the Each To Their Own website for himself & I noticed they had a Women's section, so I thought hmmm might as well have a little cheeky peek as you do and to be fair I'm a bit of a fussy cow! I scrolled down and saw these Alex Christopher designs and fell in LOVE, it was reduced from £75 to £25! Amazing bargain! It was quite funny because as soon as he said alright then I'll treat you to it, I got all excited & sat there for ages deciding which colour I wanted it in I couldn't decide for soo long out of four or five colours! I am pretty glad I went for this brown striped one though. Either brown or dogtooth. I like this one best, could quite easily have all five ;) 
This dress is pretty cool because you can wear it in all sorts of ways. The first time I saw it online it was worn the way I'm wearing it in the last pic ^^^ which caught my attention most but then when I clicked on the image to look at it properly, there was another way to wear it, which made it even more likeable! Which is good because say you don't have many things to wear you can easily wear it one weekend this way & another weekend a completely different way and no one would notice! Noooicee one!
 If you knew me just a little bit then you'd know that I am a maaassive sucker for pencil skirts, I think they give you such a good feeling they compliment your curves such a lot in a very sexy way, anyone can pull them off! I love the fact its got double lining too so you don't have to worry about the lining of your knickers etc! However my favourite part about this dress is the design; how the neckline joins in to a design on to the dress is like a blending process or almost like its melted in to the dress, looks a bit like a scarf! I'm all for different/uniqe designs, not like a Gareth Pugh different though that's a bit too different for me. He is an incredible designer though I'll give him that. I like the fact I've got something that others haven't, that's always been my main priority, not to be a sheep!! 

Hope you like It! :D x... ps excuse the messy hair!!

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