New Forest!

Once a year my family & I always go to our time share apartment that we have in the New Forest. I always take loads of pics, so I thought i'd share a few of them on here!
 We stay at this amazing place called Rhinefield House Hotel, it is incredible! The story behind it is quite romantic actually, 100 odd years ago a Lady decided to build a house for her hubby how cute!! I'm sure my other half would be well and truly made up if I just randomly decided to do that - wish I could!! Anyway we stayed there from Thursday till Sunday eve and it was just sooo nice to get away, wasn't long enough actually. Never is when you're on holiday though.
We did lots of outings like lunches and walking around the grounds etc, a very relaxing get away in other words :) We took full advantage of the spa too and got a nice indulging treatments, I had an all over ginger and lime body exfoliation. Bliss. If you ever do decide to go to the New Forest this year then you MUST go to The Pig, it's amaaazing! The whole experience of it is so cool! Cocktails especially, they were out of this world ;)

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