Next She: Winter Knits

BF Style Cable Knit Loose Vintage Sweater Dress GrayLight Gary High Neck Sleeveless Knitted Bodycon Dress with Pockets
Light Gray High Neck Loose High Low Knit PulloverVertical Cable Rhombus Double Zip Knit Pullovers Dull-red

First of all - Happy 1st December to all! I don't know about any of you but I couldn't be happier that it's finally December and IT'S CHRISTMAS!! ... I'm a tad excited.

So I didn't intend this to be a grey colour scheme at all, I just fell in love with all of these and they happened to be grey! I do love grey though. And roll necks. 

There are SO many knits on this website that are unbelievably lovable! With British weather being so predictable you can never have too many of these. If you're in need of more chunky knits you need to look on this site I guarantee they have what you need plus finding things you didn't know you needed because NextShe have it all

Get those chunky knits in for Christmas!
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