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Hoo-bloody-ray I've actually done a blog post after god knows how long!! 

With All Saints being my number one for high street fashion I couldn't not do a blog review on this khaki beauty. 

This here is a dress that compliments your figure but doesn't say or reveal too much. It drapes and falls in all the right places, it clings to areas that need clinging to but only in certain positions... if that makes sense? Basically looks lovely at any angle... yep we'll go with that!

I adore styles like these as it is so out of the ordinary to the plain old pencil look or cocktail look. This is an between style that makes you look different from the rest making you stand out with the style especially if you use your accessories wisely. Styling wise I personally think black leather looks incredible with khaki complimenting each other perfectly - although I couldn't resist pairing this up with my gucci clutch ... besides is there anything you can't team gucci with?

This dress is just perfect for spring going on summer season as it's a very light fabric that covers all the right places so you don't get too hot or too cold but in a very tasteful way. It's just right. Having said that, even though this is a basic jersey dress having a little slit in the leg, side draped and a relaxed wide neckline it goes a pretty long way having it designed the way it is.

Just the right ensemble when you're heading down to that posh restaurant in town that everyone loves!

The Alix dress also comes in indigo and stone.


West Egg Wish List

So I've just stumbled across this website which sells beautiful designer goods at amazing prices! So I thought why not do a wish list...

Before I forget make sure you make use of you savings and receive 10% extra off anything westegg with my voucher code 'wearwestegg'. The more discount the better!

I think it's so good to come across these kind of websites as  the things we want in life are sadly far too expensive, but westegg are here to save the day!! Check out their website to see what other goodies they have, it really is a never ending list.

With the recent nude trends going around I thought this would be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit with it's simple design and gorgeous colour.

It's always around this time of year where I just start obsessing over this colour, you know the shade that's in between red and orange? I LOVE it, probably because it gets me all excited for Summer! A unique designed clutch goes a long way too.

Who doesn't want a python leather bag? Especially with detail like this, absolutely love this. A versatile piece that you can wear all year round that can look perfect for any occasion. 

We all need that one sophisticated watch, whether it be as an every day staple piece for work or something you like to show off now and again. Kate Spade is your lady.

I hope you like a few goodies I have picked out I'm sure there's a whole lot more than what you see on this post! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Is there anything I don't want?

OMG it has been soooo long since I did a blog post because my laptop decided to have a little party and invite a load of viruses over. Not good times at all. 

Anywaaays I thought I'd get back on the blogger bandwagon with an All Saints wishlist because lets face it... is there anything I don't want? Summer is coming and all I have to wear is last years bikinis. Not ideal when you aren't at the beach. 

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