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Although this shoot was a bit of a rush and the sun was going down rapidly I'm still SO happy with my new lens!! I'm very easily pleased and this has literally been the perfect end to 2015 for me, getting me extremely excited for blog posts to come in 2016!

Unfortunately it was getting a little dark so the pictures aren't as clear as they could be but I was so desperate to throw an outfit together to try out the new lens! 

Finally got my paws on a pair of Timberlands which I've been hinting about for as long as I can remember. As I've mentioned time and time again, I'm not your average girly girl so I love a bit of rough and tumble in my style. Timberlands for me are a timeless statement to keep in your wardrobe and can go with absolutely everything in every single season! I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a tom-boy as I do love my shoes and slim fitting dresses, there's no better feeling than styling yourself with comfort and still having your trend on point. Lets face it being comfortable is so important - unless you own a pair of So Kate Louboutins then that is where the whole 'beauty is pain' comes in to the equation!

If you love a statement piece and being comfortable is your only option in fashion then I'm telling you, you need a pair of Timberlands! Not everyone is quite sure how to style them but you really can't go wrong with them. Just think if you have a pair of Doc Martens or classic chelsea boots, you can pretty much pair them with the same sort of outfits. I know Timberlands are a lot more chunky and don't have exactly the delicate look about them but that for me is the best part! They take you out of your comfort zone that it actually looks the best part of your outfit because you've taken the plunge to pair them with something you usually wouldn't. Believe it or not they actually look amazing with a cute little Summer dress and a leather jacket - that with sunkissed skin, how can you possibly go wrong? I cannot wait for Summer so I can do exactly that.

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and your New year is even better!

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NYE Attire | Black Tie

As I'll be spending my NYE at a black tie event at one of my fave restaurants in town, I wanted to share a few looks for the event. Whether you like to stand out in a glittery ensemble or whether a simple lbd is enough, jazzing it up with beautiful hair and make up goes a long way. For me when I think of black tie I will always think slim, long with either a back feature, leg split or plunging but sophisticated neckline to add the elegance to the dress and extend that length with a much more classy, sexy vibe.

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Black & Gold | Maison Valentino

Teaming vintage designer with modern fashion is my fave  way of styling, helping you to create a very versatile unique look. This makes styling so much more fun! I am utterly obsessed with this Valentino cashmere wrap coat that I luckily snatched up from one of the best vintage stores in the UK! The belt is threaded through the inside back of the coat so it doesn't accentuate your waist like a normal coat - instead giving you a nice straight, relaxed back but fitted at the front - absolutely beautiful design. This is why I value vintage finds like these because you can find many different features when you pick your bargain carefully. 

As i'm not your average girly gal I didn't go for any bright colours and loads of glitter to show my true love for Christmas so I went all out and went for a bronze metallic minuscule top instead haha! A little goes a long way though!!

If I don't do another post before the big man comes I hope every single one of you lovely readers has a gorgeous Christmas and you all eat and drink your body weight in mulled wine and mince pies!!

Coat / Valentino
Top / ASOS
Jeans (self ripped) / Topshop
Shoes / Converse

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Cozy Rock Chick

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about fashion is mixing trend upon trend. 

This time I've merged a tough rock chick style with a knitted off-the-shoulder number to soften it right up, resulting to more of a sexy casual vibe rather than too much rough and tumble for a day time look. Still pulling off the edgy look but feeling a lot more comfortable about it.

The perfect fall look for me.

(Yes I no, my bag is damaged - not a good look for a fashion blogger!!)

Shop the look below!

Knit / River Island
Jeans / ASOS
Boots / All Saints
Bag / Topshop

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Fitting in with the whole Spectre theme at the moment, premiers and movie awards are here, there and everywhere. Getting ready for a formal evening, doesn't happen a lot for us non A-listers - so why not make the most of it?

I am most definitely a whole month late to Tuxedo Day but hey, better late than never and I couldn't not share this!!

When it comes to finding the right dress the hardest part about it is finding out the style that your figure fits most and makes you feel incredible in. An evening shape which always screams out for me is something that is slim and very figure hugging, including not a lot of detail. 

Going for a shape that accentuates your figure is a statement in itself; involving a lot of detail, and overdressing it with accessories etc can affect the taste and purity of your overall look. Dresses that are loose fitting and don't cling to you look just as good with a lot of structure! By taking it to a whole new level you could totally catch everyone off guard and go with THE BLACK TUX theme and do the whole sexy suit that us ladies can pull of beautifully!

Dark neutral colours have always been a favourite of mine and can safely say in my opinion looks far more tasteful, with an added bonus of being able to experiment with accessories that little bit more! 

Now what looks better than your to-die-for outfit? ... Your man in a bow tie and a sharp, suave suit standing right next to you. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my guy suited and booted and looking clean-cut and without a doubt a splash of Tom Ford - yum!

As I mentioned earlier, these formal events don't come around on a regular occasion so the The Black Tux is the most ideal solution for your other half, simply by hiring the suit and returning it once he's done. If that doesn't scream convenient I don't know what does! 

All suits are made of 100% Italian extra-fine merino wool.


-Michael Kors


Shop their entire tux collection, from the shirts all the way down to the shoes here!

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Tan . Black . Grey

Despite the muggy, miserable rain I was absolutely determined to shoot this outfit! 

With all three colours complimenting each other my love for this colour pallet grew by the second.

To succeed a beautiful Autumnal vibe for your look, as long as you are including at least one shade of brown you're doing something right... but the more shades of brown the better! 

I paired fur and suede tassels with this look keeping the two of them very separate in different and soft shades. 

Firstly I chose a plain nude tunic to blend underneath my fur gilet, then quickly changed my mind for a cheeky bit of lace up! Seeing as I wasn't showing much skin, I thought i'd open up my neckline and add to the brown tone a little bit more!


Shop the look below!

Gilet / eBay
Lace up top / Pretty Little Thing
Jeans / Topshop
Boots / Missguided 
Bag / Louis Vuitton
Silver hoops / Topshop

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Urban Tartan

Winter has started to creep it's way in and I'm starting to sneak in the knitted shades of greys and blacks like it's going out of fashion...

For an easy fashion statement a bold check or tartan can't go a miss tied around the waist - as you can probably tell I'm very in to that simple technique to complete a look.

This look brings #streetstyle to a whole new level, make the most of your gym shoes and pair them with your distressed jeans.


Shop the look below!

Jumper / Preloved
Shirt / Risk Couture (Boyfs Shirt)
Jeans / Topshop
Nikes / Footasylum
Bag / Coach

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As the saying goes, a girl can never have too many shoes. Especially with the selection like this - it's kind of a necessity!

Depending on your outfit a collection of different styles is key to completing a beaut look. 

So if you're looking to up your game in the shoe department head over to Missguided as there is a whole lot to choose from!

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Denim Accents

Denim is one of the most stylish and timeless staples in fashion that can be worn in big doses or how i've done - in very small doses...

Remember in 2001 when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived at the American Music Awards in double denim which everyone frowned upon and considered one of the biggest flaws in fashion history?! Now we couldn't get enough of double denim! I know I can't anyway! Some people find it a tad too daring doing blue denim on blue denim but the more modern way we do it looks wayy better than how they did it with patchwork denim... in my opinion! But each to their own!

Now and again a little hint of denim to give your look more edge is exactly what's needed. Like I've done here -  which was clearly missing from my look so instead of interrupting the curvaceous shape by draping a coat or jacket over my shoulders (which would've made the top half of my body quite boxy) I decided to tie the shirt around my waist to accentuate my figure even more. Denim was the perfect choice for this situation as the shade of blue went perfectly with my grey tone look. Besides if I'd gone for a different texture it may not had been as effective.

I am pretty obsessed with this shade of blue on my tee, it almost looks like a deep grey which I've probably mentioned before, looks amazing with white and silver. A very classy colour if you wear it right. 

TIP: This look would also look fab if replaced with a slogan tee to fit in well with the trend right now!


shop the look below!

Tee / Topshop
Skirt / Glamorous
Denim Shirt / Topshop
Heels / Public Desire
Bag / Coach

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