Fitting in with the whole Spectre theme at the moment, premiers and movie awards are here, there and everywhere. Getting ready for a formal evening, doesn't happen a lot for us non A-listers - so why not make the most of it?

I am most definitely a whole month late to Tuxedo Day but hey, better late than never and I couldn't not share this!!

When it comes to finding the right dress the hardest part about it is finding out the style that your figure fits most and makes you feel incredible in. An evening shape which always screams out for me is something that is slim and very figure hugging, including not a lot of detail. 

Going for a shape that accentuates your figure is a statement in itself; involving a lot of detail, and overdressing it with accessories etc can affect the taste and purity of your overall look. Dresses that are loose fitting and don't cling to you look just as good with a lot of structure! By taking it to a whole new level you could totally catch everyone off guard and go with THE BLACK TUX theme and do the whole sexy suit that us ladies can pull of beautifully!

Dark neutral colours have always been a favourite of mine and can safely say in my opinion looks far more tasteful, with an added bonus of being able to experiment with accessories that little bit more! 

Now what looks better than your to-die-for outfit? ... Your man in a bow tie and a sharp, suave suit standing right next to you. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my guy suited and booted and looking clean-cut and without a doubt a splash of Tom Ford - yum!

As I mentioned earlier, these formal events don't come around on a regular occasion so the The Black Tux is the most ideal solution for your other half, simply by hiring the suit and returning it once he's done. If that doesn't scream convenient I don't know what does! 

All suits are made of 100% Italian extra-fine merino wool.


-Michael Kors


Shop their entire tux collection, from the shirts all the way down to the shoes here!

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