A Few Spring Trends

New season - new trends! I thought I'd fill you all in on what's going on in the Fashion world right now and what exciting looks are on the horizon.

So denim is bigger than ever now, going from the double denim look with over-sized coats to now sweet denim dresses, which I personally think is perfect for Spring time! Lets face it we aren't exactly going to want to wear thick denim in Summer are we? Ehh no. So let's make the most of it now!

Black and gold has hit the scenes once again! One for the evenings, as gold is a beautiful shimmery colour that will stand out - it's best to keep those looks for date nights or drinks out with the girls, when you really want to sparkle. 

Stripes have to be one of my favourite looks - especially these wide spaced stripes on white I like to call Baseball stripes which is pretty self explanatory... More loveable in the Summer but when you love stripes as much as I do you're allowed to be a keeno beano and wear them with pride now!! Modernize your stripes by introducing a hint of tan leather, whether you want to compliment the outfit with your best Mulberry bayswater or a tan leather skirt either would look pretty amazing with this particular look. 

This trend isn't a favourite of mine as I'm not a huge fan of blue let alone powder blue but it is absolutely everywhere at the moment!! Not exactly a complete reappearance of the pastel colours range but powder blue is a very popular one indeed this season.

The seventies era has tried very hard to come back these past few seasons with celebs showing off their flared denim jeans to big hats to wear with our day to day outfits, we now have clogs, interesting long scarves to even the way you style your hair on the way - noticed how everyone is going for the uber straight look? Yep that's the seventies for you, and I bet there's more where that came from!

These are just a few looks I've picked out, follow my Instagram for more frequent updates! - @wornandwritten


Courts on the Cliff

Firstly I would like to apologise for my extremely unacceptable pale skin, jesus christ how pale can a human being be?! I'm probably blinding every single one of you right now. soz. 

This was not an easy one, as you can see my pom pom is taking flight in some of these pictures - that's how windy it was. I couldn't wait any longer to do a post on my beautiful Louboutins, so here they are! This is one of my favourite looks of all time - big, chunky knits and winter coats on top to feel snuggly and warm in with sexy heels on the bottom to add the perfect amount of chic to complete the entire outfit, so you can feel so comfortable but look smart and stylish all at the same time. Perfect.

I will soon do another post on what I purchased later on this day...

Vivienne Westwood | Christian Louboutin

Seeing as I didn't really have the time to blog over the Christmas period I figured I should talk about what I was lucky enough to get over that time! 

As some of you may know from following my Facebook and Instagram page I was going to reveal which Christian Louboutins I got for my birthday in a special way this month, but plans have sadly changed and now I have decided to announce the particular shape now - on the other hand I'm going to talk about my Christmas present... Vivienne Westwoods Black Opio Saffiano. 

Considering I was lucky enough to get Louboutins for my birthday I really was not expecting anything more than a pair of socks for Christmas let alone a designer bag. My parents are the most thoughtful people in the whole entire world and I would not change them for anything - it's safe to say I was well and truly gob smacked when I opened this.

I have adored the shape of this bag ever since I first saw that Celine shape (we all know the shape). It's a very unique and iconic design which I personally think is worth having only in designer because of it's traditional shape. If you know me well enough you know I wouldn't usually go for gold, but in this case when it's so small as leather goods hardware it's actually really lovely and it's not a rich gold, the pale gold is what I like best. 

We all need at least one special hand bag to take out on exclusive events to compliment our outfits. Yes don't worry I have found the matching purse to this bag which will soon be purchased! 

As cliche as it may sound... a girl really can never have enough handbags. It also depends on what you class as a 'handbag' because this is literally a hand-bag, you hold it in your hand or prop it up on your arm, but the short handles are there for just holding. The reason I say this, is because you can't go out on a night on the town or out for dinner with a leather rucksack or bucket bag because it's too bulky for those occassions, a light clutch or a dainty cross the body bag are perfect for those date nights and are easy to get at the bar! Also can I just say, designer bags should never be taken on a night out, this must be the law because it's so damn important for a few reasons... 1. Drinks will go all over it! Think of my fluffy Fendi pom pom --ruined! Gone! 2. You will fall over. Drop it. Leave it. Your life will be ruined waking up the next morning without the love of your life. 3. People will clock that beauty and try and take it from you. 4. You make yet another friend in the toilet and she says how much she loves your bag and because you are your drunk, happy, confident self you say 'Omg just have it it's fineee' all you want is another drink and nothing in the world matters to you. My main problem will probably be number 2 when I'm drunk I will lose things and my hand will just be like 'nah cba to carry that anymore' without consulting my brain first. We all do it girls, go and treat yourself to a clutch from Topshop it's definitely much more beneficial. This is why we need a lot of bags people! Different shapes, sizes and designs - sometimes you want your outfit to be all about the bag so you go for one with a lot of detail or a unique shape or maybe you want an extremely plain one so your outfits can do all the talking. See we can't help the fact that a big, massive, huge collection of bags is a necessity. It just happens to be the way of life I'm afraid guys. 

The best thing about this bag is the fact that it matches my shoes!! Black on the outside and red on the soul ;) My Mum definitely did that on purpose. "Got to match your shoes with your bag Clu!!"


I so badly wanted to reveal this beautiful shape in a really memorable way but with Christmas being over the one main problem hit me. No bloody money. Sucks I know but I really want to use the idea in time to come, so watch this space.

For a long, long time I have always wanted and craved a pair of incredibly stylish Christian Louboutins. A timeless and classic shape is what we all need and that is exactly what I got! 'So Kate' is the perfect shape for me as the toe is uber pointy and sharp for a sassy feel and the long skinny stilettoes go on for days! Does that not just scream sexy all over?! With the recognizable red glossy sole, it most definitely does! I think I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to grow my collection of red soles...

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