A Few Spring Trends

New season - new trends! I thought I'd fill you all in on what's going on in the Fashion world right now and what exciting looks are on the horizon.

So denim is bigger than ever now, going from the double denim look with over-sized coats to now sweet denim dresses, which I personally think is perfect for Spring time! Lets face it we aren't exactly going to want to wear thick denim in Summer are we? Ehh no. So let's make the most of it now!

Black and gold has hit the scenes once again! One for the evenings, as gold is a beautiful shimmery colour that will stand out - it's best to keep those looks for date nights or drinks out with the girls, when you really want to sparkle. 

Stripes have to be one of my favourite looks - especially these wide spaced stripes on white I like to call Baseball stripes which is pretty self explanatory... More loveable in the Summer but when you love stripes as much as I do you're allowed to be a keeno beano and wear them with pride now!! Modernize your stripes by introducing a hint of tan leather, whether you want to compliment the outfit with your best Mulberry bayswater or a tan leather skirt either would look pretty amazing with this particular look. 

This trend isn't a favourite of mine as I'm not a huge fan of blue let alone powder blue but it is absolutely everywhere at the moment!! Not exactly a complete reappearance of the pastel colours range but powder blue is a very popular one indeed this season.

The seventies era has tried very hard to come back these past few seasons with celebs showing off their flared denim jeans to big hats to wear with our day to day outfits, we now have clogs, interesting long scarves to even the way you style your hair on the way - noticed how everyone is going for the uber straight look? Yep that's the seventies for you, and I bet there's more where that came from!

These are just a few looks I've picked out, follow my Instagram for more frequent updates! - @wornandwritten


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  1. I love the double denim so I'm excited to see what outfits I can put together this spring. I saw that striped top on the river island website a couple of weeks ago and totally fell in love with it !!

    Lovely blog. Would be lovely if you could check out mine.



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