Our Trip to Paris!

For my second post for blogmas I wanted to share my experience from Paris with you all, seeing as I went last weekend right on top of christmas it only made sense to make it part of my blogmas posts! 

This was actually a gift to my other half for his birthday, we have had such an amazing year and he has made it so special for me with the proposal along with everything else and we just had such a lot to celebrate so I thought what the hell, he deserves a trip to paris at the least!

Saturday morning we jumped on the Eurostar for a 2 and a half hour trip to Paris. We had a lovely lunch and managed to squeeze a good Christmas film in too! It felt like it took longer to get out of England than it did to arrive in France! With it being such a quick journey it does make me wonder why I don't travel to different places more often...  

The Eiffel Tower was even more impressive than I had ever imagined, I don't think I took in to consideration just how big it really is, I've always seen it in pictures and in films etc but when you're actually standing underneath it, it really is quite amazing. One of those unexplainable experiences you just want to soak up completely. 

Before I went to Paris I would ask those who had been before where should we go, what cafes should we try etc, because I didn't want it to be a wasted trip as we were only there for the weekend. I heard so many times from others that Paris is a city where it's just nice to walk around, and see what restaurants you fall in to, so that's what we did. I did book Les Bains for the Sunday evening because I wanted us to celebrate at a really nice place and have a lovely meal so I took someones word for that one ;) 

Whichever place you visit in the world there's always a certain food group that needs to be indulged in like pasta and pizza is to Italy, so we woke up Sunday morning and headed straight to the bakers for fresh croissants and coffee then got straight back in to our pjs in bed, back at the hotel. Sunday mornings are our favourite as we love strolling in to town where we live now and getting a nice coffee.

As it being a city obviously everything is expensive so getting a cab to wherever we needed to go was not what we had in mind, considering it cost us 85 euros to get from Gare Du Nord to the Eiffel Tower! We decided to jump on the metro thinking it would be very similar to getting the tube in London but for some reason it was ridiculously complicated! We only used it to get to Les Bains and with that being an experience we decided to walk the rest of the time, besides you see a lot more of Paris that way!

Christmas time is a lovely time to go to Paris as they have the biggest Christmas market ever! It's located on the Champs-Elysees so we got a beautiful walk there from the hotel seeing the Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Arc de Triomphe which was in the distance and also Musee de l'Armee. The architecture in Paris is absolutely breathtaking it makes you value all the work that's gone in to the buildings all those years ago, especially when you're a sucker for architecture like myself! 

Another must visit is the Musee du Louvre! As soon as we got in there I said oh my god Tom Hanks has been in here!! Not that I understood much from the Da Vinci Code as it's so hard to follow but I was still amazed haha! Again I didn't realise just how big that museum was either! Only at the time did I realise it is actually the second biggest museum in the world! You could easily spend a whole day in there, with lots to see and they even have shops down there too! It's pretty cool to be able to say we've seen the Mona Lisa - which was a lot smaller than I thought!

Whilst we were wandering around the lovely streets of Paris I kept coming across so many little french womenswear boutiques that were just amazing! If I won the lottery and had to choose a place to go shopping it would 100% be Paris! Obviously there are other places I haven't been in to in the world but the shops were literally beautiful!! Everything you may need is most definitely sitting in Paris waiting for you... 

We stayed at a cute little hotel in the centre of Paris called 7 Eiffel it was situated in a quiet road far enough from the hustle and bustle but close enough to get to places. We had the nicest bar right at the end of our street called Bar Du Central which had the nicest french cocktails and the decor was us all over! 

If we had an extra day there I would have loved to have done a blog post but as there is so much to do unfortunately I didn't have the time, so Instagram snaps were my only hope!

Day 1 of Blogmas - Gift Guide For Him!

Since its Christmas and I haven't done a whole lot of blogging recently I thought what better way to comeback than with 10 days of blogmas?! So every day until Christmas Eve Eve I will be posting all things Christmassy to keep you all in that amazing festive spirit! 


As we all know the men are the hardest buggers to buy for at Christmas so as long as you go for something along these lines you can't possibly go wrong! Good luck ladies/gents!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my next post tomorrow!

St Leonard's

Hi everyone! Apologies for the huuuge delay on getting a post up.

I had the pleasure of visiting lovely K during the week to see her beautiful leather goods shop in St Leonard's! I thought as it's coming up to one of the best times of the year I'd do a gift ideas post for you all!

K is an extremely talented person who designs bags, purses, belts and all unisex leather galore pieces you could dream of! The shop is combined with her workshop so you have the pleasure of seeing her behind the scenes hard at work!

Every piece you see has been crafted by hand with many hours and care put in to it and knowing she's doing all of that at the open work station makes you appreciate all the effort that goes in to the leather goods even more. As well as the modern, timeless and iconic leather pieces you will also find lots of other gift inspo ideas such as beauty products, cards, shoes, homeware, art work and lots more.

The shop is situated on Norman Road in St Leonard's right on the coast! Norman Road is an up and coming street in Hastings with lots of coffee shops and small quirky shops! The new Brighton I would say! You'll find lots of arty farty people down there who are incredibly friendly, interesting and lovely people. A real good girly day out with your mum kinda day ;)

If you have a real love for leather like myself then you'll absolutely love St Leonard's. There's nothing quite like discovering a new independent brand for the first time so if you know someone who would love this browse the website or even grab a gift voucher! Just the place if your  Mum, 
other half, or even uncle Ben has been hinting about a real nice grainy leather satchel for the longest time - look no further trust me!

Take a look at St Leonards Instagram page to see what K gets up to at the shop! - @stleonardsonline

Receive 15% off using my code - W&W15 *Valid until 31st January 2017* 

If you're popping in to the shop don't forget to mention 'Worn & Written' and most of all the discount code! 

Happy Shopping everyone!

Baciano Take Two

Summer options can be very limited for us girlies, especially when the temperature gets ridiculously high and we still want to maintain our stylish selves.


First of all before I get in to my latest exciting collaboration i just wanted to say sorry for being quiet for so long! A lot has been going on at the moment, but it's all been for very good reasons indeed! As a part time blogger I sometimes struggle to find the time to blog, if it was my full time job I would be doing a hell of a lot more I promise! Follow my Instagram and Twitter to keep more up to date with what I'm doing!

Baciano is based in the heart of Los Angeles and have been designing womenswear for just over a decade, providing designs and styles for all shapes and sizes like no other.

Dresses like these are exactly what you need for Summer, whether it's to throw over your bikini to grab a cocktail from the bar or simply just for date night. A versatile dress like this  can be styled for just about any occasion. With a cheeky slit up the side and extremely soft feel to the lacy fabric, this dress is really hard not to love! 

Shop the dress here


Shop my favourites below:

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