Baciano Take Two

Summer options can be very limited for us girlies, especially when the temperature gets ridiculously high and we still want to maintain our stylish selves.
However, working with Baciano has made me realise that even if it is hot out we shouldn't feel less bothered about what we're going to wear for the day. Like I've demonstrated above - a simple kimono can always spice up your outfit by not adding too much weight, because lets face it; a heavy fabric with humidity doesn't go hand in hand, does it? So my over all tip: If in doubt kimono it!

This little kimono can be easily thrown over a bikini for a day down the beach or if your out one late Summer evening and need just a little something, then this is perfect!


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  2. Cluni, love your outfits! Keep on blogging! Cheers Mandy


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