Flowers in yo face!!

The main reason why I love Aveda so much is because it's 100% natural and none of it is tested on poor innocent animals. I am a massive animal lover and I cannot stand any animal from tiny little insects to huge big bears being mistreated. So I am more than happy to show off this amazing brand - a bit like Lush or The Body Shop if you like. Natural sourced brands like these put others to shame because not only is it for a good cause and has no chemicals it smells SO good! Have you ever noticed your make up smelling amazing!? Nope, me neither!! You can literally smell the natural ingredients in the products it reassures you that spending that little extra does the world of good! It doesn't say pure flower and plant essences for nothing ya kno'!! Ever since I put down my L'Oreal mousse foundation and started using Aveda's tinted moisturiser my skin has cleared up massive amounts, I've never seen my skin glow so much. You can still cover up but your skin isn't clogged up as you might find with other heavier, artificial, popular brands! I adore it! That way you don't need to feel guilty about putting your make up on each day :)
Every morning I apply..
  1.  the exfoliant with a cotton pad to get rid of any excess dirt.
  2.  I then apply the moisturiser so my tinted moisturiser glides on better - moisturiser is always key to apply before putting on any foundations/powders.
  3. After I have applied the tinted moisturiser I add a small amount of transluscent powder to hold my make up in place.
Thought I'd share my love for Aveda !!


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