Galaxy inspired ... well, meant to be!

I have always had this on the back of my mind to have a go at. I bought the shirt for £2 at a vintage store near me and my leggins are just 1 out of 100000 I have in my drawer so it wasn't a big deal covering it all in paint and bleach! This was so fun to do and most of all EASY to do. Every now and again I have a big urge to do something like this, you'll be surprised at how it turns out when you try it yourself!
All the bits & bobs you need... 
  •  Any kind of thick bleach and a spray bottle for the bleach.
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush/toothbrush
  • Newspaper to protect your mums muchly loved oak dining table!
  • Sponge/Cloth, to dab the paint.

The best thing about creating things like this is that you can do it how you like, plus if it's to do with art you can never ever be too messy!! Just make sure you don't over do it! Otherwise you'll bleach the whole thing and there won't be much effect. To be able to acheive a really successful star effect you need to start with bleach as a base, holding the spray bottle up right so the bleach squirts further rather than just a pathetic dribble out of the nozzle. After that you need to use the white paint as another base - not diluted, get all of the paint on your paintbrush/toothbrush pulling the bristles back with your finger which should flick the paint on to your garment to create little specks for your stars. If you want to, you can add water to dilute your paint for more subtle looking stars. It all depends on how the bleach has turned out if you feel you there's too much brightness and you want to even it out a smidge then add the water to your paint. No matter how many times you do this it's not going to go exactly the same everytime it's all about your judgement at the end of the day. The last thing you need to do is apply your other choices of colours. I applied a light lilac colour, yellow, light blue. Then to finish it off I blotted white paint for bigger looking stars.  This is my first time at having a go at the whole galaxy theme so don't let my example put you off! I'm sure if I had done it a few times first it would improve just a littleee bit! Practice makes perfect.

Perfect for those who love art and fashion at the same time, like me!! :)



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