Calvin on the Coast

Introducing my bargain CK Jeans jacket!

I'm gutted at how unclear the sea is in these pictures, the view is stunning though - take my word for it! 

Since bomber jakets have been a good hit for quite a while now I thought I should style this one up for you guys. I think with the bomber style it indicates a kind of relaxed and cool look to wear with jeans and sneakers but I decided to switch it up a little with these fur ankle booties. I love the different trends that come out every season but I don't always want to look the exact so I like to put my own style in with it as well! What's the point in being trendy if you can't experiment with Fashion? Seems pointless to me, otherwise we're never going to stand out.

So I may as well reveal how this jacket is a bargain... TK Maxx. Need I say more? I have got the most amazing bargains from that place and the best thing about it is that it's all cheap because it's designer labels old collections - but isn't there a small saying of what goes around comes around? That's exactly what's happened here, this bomber jacket was also a hit back then and now it's come back big time! Speaking of perfect timing.


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